16 thoughts on “Moderation In All Things

  1. scottser

    Fupping ladypart feminists, People from minorities are fellating their way to Zion while broadsheet burns..mwahahaha!!

  2. Harry Molloy

    it happens lads, shame it’s on all Friday, don’t let it keep ye here all weekend ;-)

    1. some old queen

      Absolutely but sure if you pay peanuts you get m…… dum de dum.

      Anyways its a new experience for me because usually the only thing I do in moderation IS moderation.

    1. Anne

      It probably was the dodgy webshite.. you perve.

      Are we back in action? Testing.. testing.. 123 testing

  3. phil

    I will admit to worrying for a minute, did I say something that would cause a solicitors letter to arrive ….

  4. scottser

    Did you try switching it off and turning it on again?
    Ctrl, alt, delete?
    It’s probably fupped so

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