Let The Man Speak



From top James Behan; William Campbell

William Campbell meets James Behan, spokesperson for men’s rights group Men’s Voices Ireland in the latest edition of his Here’s How current affairs podcast.

William writes:

James talks about discrimination against men in family law courts, education and wider society. But are his points undermined by suggestions on his website making false claims about the level of false rape accusations?


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Here’s How

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21 thoughts on “Let The Man Speak

  1. jambon

    Men’s rights are an issue, for all the reasons stated above, so I really hope he isn’t a twatting rape apologist.

      1. jambon

        I just think there’s a conversation there worth having. No need to shut it down with a big fat “No”.

  2. Starina

    yes. it’s undermined by his statement that up to 90% of rape accusations are false. there is a plethora of evidence that it’s more like 1%. false stats are harmful to all genders. his site has as much relevance as any conspiracy theorist truther site if he’s going to peddle pseudo-science.

    1. rotide

      It says very clearly in the link above that the claim is that 90% of domestic abuse claims are false, not rape.

      No idea if there’s any truth in that but at least get the accusation right.

  3. MoyestWithExcitement

    A guy who formed an organisation to talk about discrimination against men in “wider” society published dodgy statistics to back up his views? I refuse to believe it.

  4. Nigel

    Well his credibility and moral authority are. That might not mean that the Family Law Courts don’t need reform, but it’s hard to take critiques from MRAs like this seriously.

    1. Clampers Outside!

      We agree on something, woohoo! :)

      Most of those dumbass MRAs do exactly the same fudging of facts that feminism has been doing for decades and they are just too stupid, the MRAs, to realise they are setting themselves up for the same criticism that feminism comes under… fudging facts to push an agenda.

      Jebus help us all.

    1. jambon

      Maybe he means an educational approach to heading off the homelessness/suicide stuff at an early stage. I don’t know.

    2. Kieran NYC

      Off the top of my head (I can’t listen to it at work), but maybe girls doing better in exams than boys (even though girls in mixed schools are discouraged from seeming too smart, etc, etc…).

  5. Mike

    That podcast is well worth listening to. The chap speaks very well and comes across as a knowledgeable and bright guy. The exception being the part on the website (which he admitted he doesn’t author) about false rape allegations. He didn’t seem to know much about it and didn’t stand over the figures claimed on the website.

    Based on the podcast he’s a credible voice worth listening to, but if you’re putting yourself forward as a men’s advocate then you need to be /very/ careful about who/what you hitch your wagon to.

  6. Brendan O'

    … I know plenty of guys who would be considerably weaker than their female partner.
    No surprise there.

  7. jimmy russell

    this man is dangerously misogynistic and needs to be reported for hate speech against women

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