Was It For This?



 Fearghus O’Conchuir’s The Casement Project

Banna this filth!

“My children wanted to see the fireworks display in the evening as such we returned later that evening to enjoy what was touted to be ‘the midnight reimagining of [Roger] Casement’s Ill-fated landing...and what a landing we got!

This dance routine by Fearghus O’Conchúir began quite innocently with six dancers on stage. However after about 15 minutes one male dancer took off his pink and black lycra leggings and top to reveal his completely tattooed body – which we could clearly see from his ‘underwear’ which had the word “addicted\ written on the back and had two large holes cut out to reveal his bare buttocks. Is this what they see as “family friendly”?

It was highly sexualised and in the majority aimed at a homosexual audience with long extract being read aloud from what appeared to be an autopsy of Casement’s body.

The intention was to highlight Casement’s homosexuality and references to ’anus, riding, deep to the hilt, etc as well as men dancing and groping with each other on stage.

This was totally inappropriate for an audience with young children. It was not family friendly and you could sense the unease of people watching. The final straw came when he mentioned the word “erection” …..We left in DISGUST.”

Listener to Radio Kerry concerning the Casement Project dance finale – “Butterflies and Bones” directed by Fearghus O Conchuir, – at last Saturday’s Féile Fáilte Festival in Banna Strand, Tralee, Co Kerry.


“There were many different kinds of families represented at the event across the day; while we appreciate that the content of Butterflies and Bones challenged a small number of the audience who were present for the later part of the night, the majority of the feedback we have received has been overwhelmingly positive.”

Féile Fáilte organisers.

Radio Kerry (Facebook)

Thanks Jerry O’Sullivan


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39 thoughts on “Was It For This?

    1. pedeyw

      It was on at 9.30 which is latish but not actually midnight. Still after the watershed, though.

  1. Tish Mahorey

    Well if that particular dance act was advertised as family friendly then he has a point because it isn’t. I think it’s fair to say to say sexually explicit heterosexual or homosexual content isn’t appropriate for kids who haven’t grown up yet. I mean, give them a break from it until they’re past 18 and let them be kids FFS.

    However, contemporary dance in general needs to come with a warning of widespread chin stroking and intelligent frowning.

    1. some old queen

      I expect this was a troll letter. Contemporary dance outrage all a bit old nowadays. Hat tip to Jeffrey Dudgeon (ya oul prod) because along with Big Willy, Casement was gay.

      Anyways, here is the original. The genius of Micheal Clarke. Along with The Fall. I think it’s from around 1986-87?


    1. Murtles

      The particular routine took place at 9.30pm so regardless of Summer Holidays, I’d presume very young kids wouldn’t be out, well shouldn’t be out but judging by my local in a tourist village, there’s flipping tykes running round at all hours. But in the same vain that people complain about TV programs but keep watching them, was “DISGUSTED” and family superglued to the beach that they could leave when the buttocks lad appeared?

  2. Laura Crean

    Well done, Bodger. Yet again you bring Ireland one step forward & 2 steps back. Ireland was taking the lead again to do something different, celebrating a contributing moment to our history and you manage to drag us back to a time & cognitive process that does not fit the majority anymore. The promotion of this event was for young & old; locals & visitors; FOR DYNAMIC INCLUSIVITY. Did you miss the amazing acts we were treated to such as Croí Glan – an integrated dance company? Or Rusangano Family whose energy equally matched the warmth & brightness of the sun and the dancing crowd of the aforementioned invited crowd? Young people need to see & experience new things. Yes they are sponges for all things around them but what unholy act will they commit after seeing a production that these people put blood, sweat and hours into? Stop hiding your supressed thoughts & phobias behind “the children”. These kids have gotten through a recession , reduced services, political dishonesty and have brought equality to all people on this island; are more integrated with other nationalities; and will no doubt continue to bring an idealogy of choice to all – the real meaning of democracy in a country. Why spread coverage of suppression when love, laughter & dancing can be relived through words: “…and what a landing we got! It was a festival which lasted 9 hours on Saturday, the stage was nestled around the backdrop of the Kerry mountains, the Atlantic ocean as the floor and the beating sun as the stage lights”. Suppression is why people act out – you are teaching them to be wary of the art; teaching them suppress being themselves (being heavily tattooed or gay or wear lycra – THESE THINGS DO NOT CHANGED THE PERSON); and inevitably feel that all these things are wrong and wicked and therefore teaching them to attack anything or anyone that is different.
    Shame on you for suppressing something different.

    1. Gero

      Believe it or not Laura some people have different values than yours and have the right to express them. And how has Bodger upset you? He published a complaint to a radio station in Kerry and a reply from the festival organisers. That’s kinda how news works.

    2. The Real Jane

      Laura, Bodger is only reporting something that happened. I think your OUTRAGE is somewhat misplaced.

    3. whut

      “anus, riding, deep to the hilt, etc as well as men dancing and groping with each other on stage” “the word erection” .. to which you reply “Young people need to see & experience new things”

      i dont think any kids benefit culturally from seeing that. your up in arms because you think the complaint is an attack against gay people and their freedom to express. its not. if it was the same but in a hetrosexual context it still wouldnt be something to show kids. kids dont need to try to understand ANY sexual context, regardless of hetrosexual or homosexual. they have not developed that part of themselves, they are kids. they shouldnt be exposed to it. the show should have come with a warning at least.

    4. DJ


      It sounds like the rest of the day was great, however this particular part of the day was clearly not a typical ‘family-friendly’ event so why advertise it as such. Mistake on part of organisers.

      Nobody is suppressing anything. Relax

  3. Mulder

    The irish sense of humour and affliction if that be the word for nick-names.
    Often wondered, why he was sometimes refered to as wee willey.
    Now know, as he had a big.

  4. The Real Jane

    I’m sure the children left with a lot of interesting questions. And isn’t that really what art is for?

  5. Spaghetti Hoop

    Sounds like this performance was celebrating Casement’s sexuality rather than his patriotic deeds. This happens a lot with Wilde too. And the content of a dance and drama is often not accurately described in its promotional material – some artists like the element of surprise without realising that an audience like to research the event, decide on the tone etc. Lesson learned by the organisers I reckon. What contemporary arts organisation want this type of negative review?

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