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Put Out with Wasters writes:

“Greyhound seemed to make it really difficult on me to remain on the Current Plan (fixed monthy charge). In past you didn’t have to do anything to remain on the plan you were on but they changed it up on us this year. Even after I did what was required, they’ve tried to switch me to Pay By Weight anyhow!

They required that we have double the usual pre-pay monthly amount in the account. I did that. I also sent an email and filled out the online form requesting to stay on our current plan – and yet I logon this morning to see they’ve charged me as a Pay By Weight customer. Anyone else seeing this?”


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  1. Tish Mahorey

    Move your account to another provider immediately. They cannot change your contract without your consent. It is illegal to do so.

  2. Vote Rep #1

    Greyhound are absolute gangsters. It is pure coincidence that their competitors trucks keep going up in fire.

  3. Nessy

    I’m also a customer of theirs and I too have been changed from a monthly fee to “Service Type: Alpha W”
    They’re a shower of ****s

    1. Nessy

      Just off the phone with them. Turns out there’s a glitch in their system whereby some accounts are showing as being on the PBW tariffs. It should be corrected within 24 hours (or so they say). Still though, do ring them to make sure

  4. Tish Mahorey

    I was thought it was strange that out of nowhere Greyhound trucks were commonplace and all of a sudden they win the DCC contact.

  5. Liam Deliverance

    I’m not with them thankfully, their actions in the past forced me away from their incompetence. I assume you have no option to switch provider or maybe you wish to stay with them, either way call them up, don’t rely on email, get name of person and hold them to their promises.Otherwise it’s a futile exercise where they will use email and other methods to trick you. That rubbish about having to specify that you want to stay on the old system, to not be automatically changed to PBW says it all. Loyalty is a meaningless word in corporate Ireland.

  6. Iwerzon

    Greyhound is the only provider in my area of D7 unfortunately. I have an account for few years now but its the yellow plastic bag collection. They called to the house last month about signing up to plastic bin collection. They tried to sneak in a monthly service charge and then a rate for new customers. It took me 3 days to get them on the phone. Nice young fella said he sorted it for me, reduced rate for existing customers, no hidden charges. Said I’d get me new plastic bin in a week. Great! Got an email this week welcoming me as a new customer, with new customer charges, service charge, etc. Aaaargh! And they’re discontinuing bag collection later this month. DCC said there’s nothing they can do. I’m going to pile my rubbish outside DCC every Sunday night and flick matches at it.

  7. Zenon

    This post made me check, got switched to Alpha W as well even though i rang and paid the €39 last Friday. Rang the 1890 number (Option 4), waited for 9 minutes to get through to someone and got an apology. Re-checked 5 minutes later on the website, this was corrected to monthly plus black bin rural. Not much hassle and the person on the other end of the line was very pleasant and apologised few times so i’m happy.

    To be honest, i was expecting someone to try to tell me they have no record of me saying that i want to stick to the old plan or trying to sell me the pay by weight deal. Nothing like that happened, just a short and concise discussion with a nice guy and everything got sorted out almost instantly.

    The thing is… Not everyone reads Broadsheet (i know, right?) so some customers are in for a nasty surprise in a while.

    1. Liam Deliverance

      Good for you Zenon, hopefully that’s it sorted, however see Iwerzon’s post before you. Maybe check your a/c again in a few days!

  8. Mulder

    Irish water, have ehh, branched out into, waste, again.
    The experts on waste.
    It is a mess and a whole load of rubbish to boot.

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