For Never Alone


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The HB Ring by The Touch – one for you and one for your significant other.

Rose gold or stainless steel with a scratch resistant sapphire crystal surface Bluetooth connected to a smartphone, an App and (in wireless enabled areas) one another. Tap the ring to access the realtime heartbeat of your partner.

From around €540 to €2,700 per matching pair, depending on finish.

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29 thoughts on “For Never Alone

  1. arghonaut

    Does that mean you’ll think their heartbeat has stopped every time they lose data coverage? Sounds like the cause of a lot of panic attacks.

  2. Al

    Considering how big that ring looks, it may work well for 2 men, but for a woman’s hand, that ring is going to look and feel humongous. Not to mention ugly as shit.

  3. Paul

    this is like the pillows that hum when one of them is interacted with so you can (half-remembered) ‘know when you’re other half is in bed in another country (business trip) so you feel connected’.

    …or you put a brick on it and go out to the pub.

  4. Starina

    Also handy if you want to know if they’re cheating. “Why is their heartbeat so fast?!”

      1. St. John Smythe

        The same morning she was due to take the morning off work to let the TV repair man in

  5. Harry Molloy

    I love my wife so much and miss her terribly when I’m away, I will most definitely get this

  6. Gah!

    Vomit! It’s very far from romantic and very creepy. What a hideously clingy and potentially psychopathic spouse a person must be if they even suggested getting these! Just stop with the twee nonsense.

  7. Jonjo

    When your wife is working late at the office with her younger, fit male boss.

    She calls you to tell you somethings come up and she’ll be at least another hour. You hear a male voice beside her. What did he whisper?

    She tells you she has to go.

    Then you sit at home as her heart beat gets faster and faster.

    What can she be doing to make her heart thump like this?


  8. Spagnolia von Hoop

    This screams of possessiveness and insecurity. But there’s plenty out there I guess.

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