You May Like This: Caoilian Sherlock



Caoilian Sherlockfolk-pop troubadouring from Cork

What you may need to know…

01. Shaker Hymn frontman and event-management magnate Caoilian Sherlock is venturing into solo territory.

02. Ploughing a melancholy, poppy folk furrow, reminiscent of Big Star among others, he’s already been busy on his own, including playing last year’s IndieCork festival and a number of support slots around Cork.

03. Streaming above is newly-released single I’ll Be a Fool for You, available on Bandcamp.

04. Catch himself and Dowry playing Mallow tomorrow as part of the Living Space Project music trail of the town, and in a more intimate gig setting Sunday evening at Gulpd Cafe in the Triskel in Cork. The duo will also have a Dublin leg on Saturday 13th at Thirty-Four.

Verdict: As warm and welcoming as his main outfit’s music, but vested with a voice and flair for lovelorn songcraft that’s all his own.

Caoilian Sherlock

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2 thoughts on “You May Like This: Caoilian Sherlock

  1. Peter Dempsey

    Reminds me of the Moldy Peaches guy. This chap is a total hipster and part of the Gulpd / Plugd up-their-own-arse set

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