A Brazilian judge has ordered the arrest of four executives of international sports hospitality company THG Sports for fraudulent ticket sales at the Olympics, police officials said.

The police did not name the four executives but said they were directly involved in a scheme to overcharge for tickets to the first Games held in South America.

Last week police detained THG director Kevin James Mallon and a translator employed by the company, alleging that they could have made 10 million reais ($3 million) from buying tickets and reselling them at a higher price.

At the time, THG denied the accusations. The company could not be reached immediately for comment about the latest arrests.

Brazil judge orders more arrests for Olympic ticketing fraud (Reuters)

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11 thoughts on “Fresh Scalps

  1. Evenprime

    Great news. If these guys did what we’re led to believe they did, then lock them up forever. I have it up to here with scumbags of all walks of life

  2. forfeckssake

    “they were directly involved in a scheme to overcharge for tickets to the first Games held in South America.”

    Terrible writing.
    “they were directly involved in a scheme to overcharge for tickets to the Rio Olympics.”

  3. Twunt

    But I thought Hickey, the OCI and the Ticket tout said this was all a misunderstanding and there was nothing to see here.

  4. Frilly Keane

    Is it time to mention lads getting “credentials”
    And never been seen near the sport in their lives
    Or how Pat has added team members to the “insert governing body” selections

  5. dav

    hypothetically, – if you were in charge of an organisation with a boatload of tickets, wouldn’t you make a great profit if you, hypothetically, set up a shell company to, hypothetically, sell said tickets but not have the physical expenses of actually selling the tickets. You just, hypothetically, contract a 3rd party to do the grunt work and add that extra on to the overall cost of the ticket “package”… hypothetically….

  6. Tish Mahorey

    Lots of private school alumni all calling each other working out how to fix this so nobody gets blamed and the public is distracted from the truth.

    1. classter

      ‘Cept that most of the dodgy dealings in Irish life have not primarily involved private school alumni.

      Bertie/CJH/most of the sports admins/most of the ‘charity’ bosses/most of the dodgy property dealers/most of the fumbling councillors were not from private school backgrounds.

      I’m not suggesting that private schools are anything like paragons of virtue but you are misdiagnosing the problem.

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