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Generic PeopleCork audiovisual collective now curating a stage at Electric Picnic

What you may need to know…

01. Ant, Ronin and collaborators are the ever-evolving, media-agnostic group known as Generic People.

02. Beginning life as a collaborative electronic project, the group has expanded from production, DJing and playlisting, to live open improv performances, to large-scale visuals and multimedia installations, including the recent large-scale projections of Maser’s Repeal the 8th logo in Cork City.

03. Streaming above is a preview of the band’s upcoming live album, recorded live at the Cork School of Music and filmed by local production house EPIC. The band have also put down a live 12-hour mixtape of dark disco and other deep cuts.

04. The collective presents Afterdark in the Hazel Wood, their first-ever curated stage, at Electric Picnic, a massive coup to say the least. Confirmed so far are Cathy Davey, We Lived In Cities, Jack O’Rourke, MKAI, Carried By Waves, Exit: Pursued by a Bear, Emmet Homebeat and Cork record-slinging legend Jim X Comet’s David Bowie Experience.

VERDICT: Platform and medium are no restriction for the ever-evolving Generic People, and given the opportunity to flourish on the biggest stage Irish music has to offer, you can guarantee something special.

Generic People

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4 thoughts on “You May Like This: Generic People

  1. Boba Fettucine

    Cue 2 minute video of two lads randomly twiddling knobs on disconnected keyboards while a USB with their ‘mix’ plays an electro clash set from 2001 to the accompaniment of a few lasers and footage of 1930s dancing animated cats in top hats while 6 of their mates shuffle boredly.

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