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You may recall a previous post in which Karen Harte and Jessica Maybury, of Girls like Comics, appealed for submissions for an anthology of stories, illustrations art on the themes of repealing the 8th amendment, reproductive rights and bodily autonomy in Ireland.


They have received the submissions and have now launched a Kickstarter campaign to cover the production costs of the book.

All additional proceeds from this and the sale of the book will go directly to the Abortion Rights Campaign (ARC).

MINE Anthology (Kickstarter)

Previously: Mine Of Information

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12 thoughts on “Comic Plans

  1. human

    Again I’m pro repealing the 8th …. BUT these smug Marxists are damaging the campaign with this self promoting SJW nonsense…..

    1. Casey

      You are SO right. Please share with the group a list of the ways you do approve of money being raised for the ARC so you are spared the trauma of people doing stuff you disprove up.

      All women.

        1. Casey

          I’m writing get this slowly add I can see you are not the quickest snail off the block…

    2. postmanpat

      A lot of effort goes into doing a comic. There is no smugness involved (or Marxism !?!). And you don’t support repealing the 8th , so stop lying and go back top your prayers, God boy.

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