19 thoughts on “Brand New Is It?

  1. The Real Jane

    Also, wouldn’t the lottery advisers tell you not to get a new tractor too quickly as it would draw huge attention to you in a county like Leitrim? Much as they tell you not to buy a new yacht if you live in Killiney.

      1. The Real Jane

        It’s quite dreadful. I didn’t listen, of course, and I parked my branty new Supermax Yacht Deluxe Luxury Liner 5000 near Bono’s clapped out old dinghy and to my immense disappointment, my cover story about selling some bonds wasn’t needed as it drew absolutely no comment.

        Basically, as long as you keep within the style and customs of your locality, you’re pretty safe.

    1. ivan

      I think it was in Goodfellas you saw that, where DeNiro went mad ‘cos of the lads splashing the cash like crazy after the airport job :)

  2. Neilo

    Why, from one of the many deluxe concierge services available outside the M50 like Where There’s Muck Savages, There’s Brass. Other services include a private show by Lisa McHugh/Derek Ryan/Nathan Carter at your sister-daughter’s 18th birthday.

  3. Truth in the News

    The details of what precise location the ticked is sold needs to be stopped who
    ever wins the lottery should have absolute privacy, and stop put to ticket agents
    hyping up their sales outlets and sections of the media trying to make something
    out of nothing, you won’t see much of the media around Dublin Airport looking for
    first hand interviews from their colleauges coming back from Rio

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