53 thoughts on “Meanwhile, On O’Connell Street

      1. Owen

        Ah, sure ye are too young to remember oul Mary.

        She’s to blame for starting all this “workers with a voice” nonsense. We can blame her for everything! (except apartheid – to be fair)

  1. human

    They need to learn that white low paid workers are being replaced by middle eastern & north African low paid workers all over europe….. this is the plan for the future , dont fight it, don’t be racist.

      1. human

        No, I think Irish workers need to give up their positions of privilege in the workforce and hand over their jobs to those less fortunate…..

        1. The Real Jane

          You’re a pretty sickening piece of stupidity, human. I know you’re thinking that you’re cleverly subverting the pcgownmad language while being an intolerable racist, but if you think you’re fooling anyone other than yourself, you’re mistaken in the last degree.

          1. Zuppy International

            It like you lads have never heard of Soros.

            “If significant progress could be made on the refugee issue, it would make the other issues — from the continuing Greek debt crisis to the fallout from Brexit to the challenge posed by Russia — easier to tackle,


            “Firstly, he believes that the EU should make a commitment to admit at least 300,000 refugees each year from front-line countries.”


    1. petey

      the correct response to this situation is to recognize that capital is the enemy of all the parties

      1. Rob_G

        Without ‘capital’, we would all be subsistence farmers living on potatoes.

        No thanks, I’ll gladly take capitalism and its trappings instead.

        1. petey

          “Without ‘capital’, we would all be subsistence farmers living on potatoes.”

          you’re still in grammar school, aren’t you

    2. Tish Mahorey

      Human. You are racist. And what a pointless thing to be.

      You’ll never ever achieve the kind of homogenous society you dream of. It will never ever happen because economic and social progress means people move around and to other countries. It is not something that will be reversed. In time to come there will be no ‘white’ race.

      People like you will not exist :)

    3. some old queen

      This tangent is off topic but the socioeconomic reasons why some people voted for Brexit has clearly not registered with some around here?

  2. Vote Rep #1

    Without getting into the ins and outs of the workers issues, I have no idea how that cinema is still going. A terrible place to see a film unless you are in the big screen. All the other ones are like watching a film in someones house who has a large sitting room along with 40 other people.

    1. stev

      The art deco styling inside is a bit of a gem though when you compare it to what’s else is around town. It must be one of the last old school cinemas left. It would be a shame to lose it.

    2. Tish Mahorey

      “All the other ones are like watching a film in someones house who has a large sitting room along with 40 other people.”

      That sounds nice.

  3. Christopher

    Blame automation- many low paid jobs are going to be lost in the next 10-20 years. Sign of the times unfortunately.

      1. Steve

        Sorry yeah went on a random tangent. I was trying to goad the Twitter lad who posted this to broadsheet.

        I’m guessing that he is one of those people that believes life , including workers rights, would be far better off with some IrExit.

        Some dope

  4. DubLoony

    Level of comments plummeting around here.

    Bit of a google and we find that
    1. Management want to remove usher grade in the cinema, removing 4 full time employees, replacing them with automated machines. SIPTU in talks over it. See 9-July story: http://www.irishtimes.com/culture/film/fears-over-redundancies-at-dublin-s-savoy-cinema-1.2716811

    2.Profits at the IMC owned cinema reported at €8 million in today’s business section. No mention of the redundancies. http://www.irishtimes.com/business/media-and-marketing/savoy-cinema-owner-imc-sees-profit-rise-to-just-under-8m-1.2765895

  5. Junkface

    This is the way the whole western world is going sadly. Big business can’t wait for everything to be automated, no humans to pay at all! The the cinema will get hacked and all of the robots will get infected with a virus, and then they will start killing customers! How’s that gonna look? Bad PR

      1. Junkface

        Actually…how about this? The robots get hacked by socialist extremist hackers, and they programme the robots to kill the 1% who own the 90% of the worlds wealth. Dun, dun, DUNNNN!! We see the Koch brothers impaled and torn apart by automatic checkout tills….”Unexpected item in the bagging area”…oooh take that you old farts!
        Action packed Adventure ensues and international city landmarks Crumble!

  6. Clampers Outside!

    Cinema Box Office Takings in Ireland….. down over 20% since 2008….

    These figures are not adjusted for inflation, but there is a consistent year-on-year fall when the takings are listed in full:

    2008 – € 125,148,771
    2009 – € 124,249,233
    2010 – € 118,456,296
    2011 – € 112,003,354
    2012 – € 107,713,716
    2013 – € 102,291,219
    2014 – € 99,950,640
    Source: MediaLive.ie

    1. Take Outrage Where You 'can'

      Mainly because their prices are too high.
      I went to the BFG with my young fellow over the weekend €26 for the tickets, m&m’s, regular popcorn and a coke. I don’t expect free but that’s too much.

  7. Kolmo

    With everyone’s job slowly being devalued and/or apparently automated – eventually there will be nobody to pay, so nobody will have money to spend in the newly automated services and the pyramid of society collapses – fuggin skynet, man…

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