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Alan O Regan writes:

Might any of your readers know what the hell was going on last night at about 1am in Dublin 8? It was the largest amount of police/emergency vehicle sirens I have ever heard and it went on for a very long time.

I’m not talking a few cars, I’m talking multiple cars and vehicles screaming through the area for a sustained amount of time. A lot of people on twitter were wondering what was going on.

No exaggeration, I actually thought some major terrorist attack had happened or something. I was surprised to say the least when there was nothing on the news about it this morning.


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32 thoughts on “Ask A Broadsheet Reader

  1. moould

    how about – I don’t know, call me crazy – but maybe ring your local Garda station and ask them?

    controversial I know

    1. dav

      I’m sure they will be very forthcoming with information.
      They only do that when they are arresting an anti austerity politician.

    2. stick your beak in my bag

      They wont give out information. There was a major assault in a house in my old estate in Bray. Door ripped off hinges, car smashed up. We heard what sounded like gun shots. Went on for about 40 mins at 2am.

      The whole estate was shook after it, as was my girlfriend. So much so she made me ring the gards the next day. To say they were rude to me when i rang was an understatement. Gard told me it was none of my business. I said “it is my business when we are afraid to sleep in our house at night and we wake up to a road full of smashed class, blood stains and all sorts for work the next morning”. He hung up on me then.

      So no…. you cant just ring.

      1. postmanpat

        When they eventually do their door-to-door “did you see or hear anything?” just use “that’s none of your business” back at them, or don’t answer the door, or go out when you see them working their way down the street with their stupid questionnaire on the OT. The Police had the same f u attitude a few months ago where I used to live . they kicked a neighbors door in who It turned out was a suicide, was on probation, hadn’t checked in with his PO earlier (being dead and all) so the childish guards broke out the smashing gear instead of trying a subtle approach. Set the alarm off. woke everyone up. They also tipped of the TV3 news “media” before the deceased relatives showed up. the place was hopping with tabloid journalists and camera crews in a few hours. As far as I know the poor guy had done a 10+ year stretch for carrying , did his time, and was just getting on with things. had a job, and any dignity he had left went out the window with a bunch of upstart guards blabbing about blood being “all over the place!” etc. police tape around the house to keep the journalists (that they themselves informed) away. made the whole estate seem like a gangland shooting or something, for 3 days. The Irish Police Force everyone!!.

          1. postmanpat

            Discovered a suicide? open shut investigation that shouldn’t have taken three days of police loitering around making a spectacle of honest working people estates. They weren’t investigation anything. Just strolling around with coffee mugs and blocking house owners from parking their cars with paddy wagons all over the place. Its not what anyone wants to see especially as we are recovering from a recession and collapsed house prices. The fuzz would not have pulled the same trick in a more affluent area. Even if they found a dead crooked solicitor/accountant in Foxrock with a bullet in his head they would be kissing the neighbors’ ar$es and be gone in hours as opposed to the “get the f back inside your house!” “what are you doing here?” attitude they had up my way. That’s the state police for you. I don’t know if you are just being contrarian or you have lived in an upper middle class bubble all your life, where cops are always the hero good guys. Have you ever been on the wrong side of a guard with a bad attitude?

  2. Eammon Clancy

    Whatever it was it seems it ended up at Mourne Road. I heard it too, and the OP is not exaggerating.

  3. :-Joe

    Eh.. folks..

    I was playing GTA and dropped some lsd… no idea this could have happened…

    Ooops… sry.


  4. Eefa

    It was crazy! They drove down my road in Drimnagh, so many Garda cars/vans. It’s quite a narrow windy road so I assumed they were following a robbed car but the amount of cars seemed excessive for that. Checked the news first thing this morning and nothing. Interested to know what brought it about.

  5. Lnononononononono

    Yep. Heard it myself from Dublin 7 (just up past Collin’s Barracks). It went on for at least 40 minutes. Took me AGES to go back to sleep after. Like yourselves, I checked on Twitter, Irish Times, etc. – nothing. Wonder what it was about?

  6. manolo

    There was much more police activity late last night in Blackrock than usual. Today a Garda helicopter has flying over for hours with no clear direction.

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