Very Cushy To Be Frank


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Last night.

Uploaded In full (above) BBC Northern Ireland’s second Spotlight programme – presented by Mandy McAuley – on Nama’s Northern Ireland property deal, otherwise known as Project Eagle.

The documentary includes a reconstruction (top) of Frank Cushnahan, then a member of Nama’s Northern Ireland Advisory Committee, receiving £40,000 – in bundles of two – from property developer John Miskelly.

Good times.

More as we watch it.

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20 thoughts on “Very Cushy To Be Frank

  1. Mourinho

    Stunning documentary.

    John Miskelly records all business conversations by default.
    It’s sad that this is necessary on this island.

    He said he has more tapes too…

    1. classter

      Tbf this is the kind of guy who is handing dodgy cash in a bag in a car park.

      He is not exactly representative of most businessmen (and save me the cynicism, sure aren’t we all bribing everyone else, no we are not).

      1. Mourinho

        I get that.
        He’s not coming out smelling of roses either.

        From the documentary, he got screwed years ago and recorded everything since.

        Anyone else he has bribed will now be working extra hard to deliver.

        It’s just a shame that it exists and is tolerated.

  2. Mr. Camomile T

    Isn’t greed glorious? None of these fellas are rocking up to these secret meetings in clapped out, ten year old Toyota Corollas. They’re already wealthy men. They gambled. They lost. They got their politician mates to bail them out by putting their gambling debts on the general public’s bill. Then they got their properties back via some corrupt wheeler dealer arrangement.

    We’ve been mugged, ‘aven’t we? Utterly fuppin’ mugged.

  3. manolo

    Next time Wallace brings it up he will be told to go to the Gardai again and the loop will continue for ever and ever. Lets be realistic, they are getting away with it.

  4. Mourinho

    To play devil’s advocate..

    Both Cushnahan and Hanna said they would work for the good of Northern Ireland.
    They may have done that. Illegally sure but they did good for their state (maybe).

    1. classter

      By doing things illegally, you are damaging your state.

      This is the point that FFers don’t seem to understand.

      The damage done by weakening the system, introducing corruption & weakening the social contract is far longer-lasting & more significant than whatever single stroke has been pulled.

    2. Kolmo

      “For the good of their state”… what they will say when they are caught filling their pockets with taxpayers money

  5. Fully Keen

    If you haven’t tasted some gravy in your life you are a liar.

    Ireland is floating on gravy.

    Get real.

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