John McGahon tweetz:

Bus load of Dundalk FC fans broke down on the motorway. Stephen Kenny & team bus pull over. “Hop on lads”.

Fair play, no need for the language, etc.

Previously: D-Day

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15 thoughts on “Meanwhile, On The M1

    1. Yeah, Ok

      What an unnecessarily negative comment. Not every comment section has to be a heated debate; take it somewhere else.

  1. ReproBertie

    There’s a hint in the “Stephen Kenny and team bus” bit. Stephen Kenny is the Dundalk manager. Now is it a tale to warm the very cockles of your heart?

    C’mon the town!

    1. The Real Jane

      Well I understand the story now.

      The hint was a bit broad for me, by the way. Some people where I worked in the past liked to use the term “team” to describe warring factions – it’s a term that could mean almost anything these days.

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