You May Like This: The Redneck Manifesto



The Redneck Manifestoplaying new songs at Clonakilty Guitar Fest this weekend

What you may need to know…

01. At last, an excuse to talk about veteran Dubland instrumentalists The Redneck Manifesto.

02. Coming together in 1998 from other bands on the Dublin scene at the time, they self-released numerous singles before dropping their debut full-length, Thirtysixstrings to massive acclaim. Companion piece Cut Your Heart Off From Your Head surfaced the following year. Third full-length I Am Brazil released in 2004, recorded in France’s Black Box Studios.

03. Streaming above in its entirety is the band’s most recent full-length, Friendship, released in March of 2010 via the sadly-missed Richter Collective.

04. Appearing live this Sunday in their only date this year at DeBarra’s in Clonakilty, as part of the Clonakilty International Guitar Festival. New material has been promised. Tickets available NOW.

VERDICT: One of the finest bands in the land, and one that’s stayed DIY all this time, to boot. Word of new stuff is most encouraging also.

The Redneck Manifesto

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8 thoughts on “You May Like This: The Redneck Manifesto

  1. Janet, I ate my avatar

    massive flashback, these guys don’t mix with pills if my memory serves, but great high energy gig

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