25 thoughts on “The Squeezed Middle

  1. Gah!

    So what? We’ll all get over it.It’s just a few days of inconvenience and then life will go back to normal and we’ll all find something else to moan about.

      1. The Real Jane

        What are you suggesting? That a more dynamic, thrusting society would shoot strikers? Or that a more competent society would pay people wages where there’s a chance you might be able to establish a normal lifestyle for yourself (like, for example, buying a house or having a family)?

        1. marge

          you want those things you get a real job, driving a bus should not be a lifetime job, sorry love, time to move on from that working class and proud mindset.

        2. Pixxyman

          If they want to buy a house have two cars, go on holidays twice a year and be able to afford to put their kids in childcare, then perhaps they should get a 3rd level qualification or a trade that is in demand.

          If I wanted a pay rise like that I’d have to leave my current job and give my salary expectations to any new potential employers or upskill.. you can’t do what you always do and expect to get 10% salary increases year on year.

          1. MoyestWithExcitement

            “they should get a 3rd level qualification or a trade that is in demand.”

            Dublin Bus services are very much in demand.

      2. Gah!

        Ah, Jimmee! Seriously? Get over yourself. It’s just a strike. We’ll survive. How about backing your fellow workers instead of whining?

    1. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

      True dat. Cycling in these days is lovely. It was a very windy summer, but that seems to have calmed down so I’m really enjoying actually being in nature, not being surrounded by metal and glass in nature.

      1. Tony

        Seems that we get a great May and June, depressing, wet and windy July and August, and a pleasant seasonal September. Thats the way it has been for the past few years now.

  2. De Kloot

    This is all good and well but if it goes all-out, it’ll be a very different matter. As a motorist, it’s not really affected my commute from outside the pale to the city centre….

  3. Carlos Snug

    BS – is the luas/loose / tight “fit” pun intentionally implied in above copy or is my genius purely mine own?

    thankfully good weather – heart goes out to ye commuters. and the strikers.

  4. Phelem Mooney

    It’s always me me me.

    Where are the junkies in this pic? Don’t they have methadone clinics to frequent?

    1. jonjo

      Got to look at the flop side there…. plenty of pockets to pick and bags to snatch!!
      Look at the guy in the first pic on the left… hes got so much loot in his bag, there’s no room for the baby he snatched. He tried to hide it from the camera, but the tell tail left shoe will always get ya in the end.

  5. Leopold Gloom

    I hope this is southbound as it’s a 30 minute walk up the IFSC from there and it was a lovely morning and there are ample opportunities to get decent coffees enroute.

    Lazy lot dem Irish

    1. Cathy

      I’m annoyed too! At Dublin Bus bosses! Direct your anger at them, if they give the strikers a fair deal it will all be over

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