‘It’s As If There Was No C&AG Report’



Nama chairman Frank Daly Minister for Finance Michael Noonan

This morning.

The Irish Independent reports:

Nama has shrugged off criticism from the State’s most powerful spending watchdog by launching a €3bn loan sale, the Irish Independent has learned.

The State agency pulled the trigger on the massive sale yesterday, just 24 hours after the publication of a highly critical report by the the Comptroller & Auditor General (C&AG) into the agency’s handling of the controversial Project Eagle sale of Northern Ireland loans.

A Nama insider said the sale had been in the works but indicated the timing would signal ‘business as usual’ at the agency which still has a vast portfolio of loans to sell off or work out over its remaining three years.


Nama launches €3bn loan sale despite watchdog criticism (Irish Independent)

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2 thoughts on “‘It’s As If There Was No C&AG Report’

  1. Mourinho

    And at that the Irish community were rendered speechless at the brazen and indelible corruption at the high levels of public management.

    1. Sheik Yahbouti

      Everything done by “the great and the good” (i.e. the monied people) in this country, however heinous can be “shrugged off” with impunity. Other classes of the population would suffer loss of employment, loss of reputation and probably loss of liberty.

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