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Over the past number of weeks, the Olympic Council of Ireland Rio Olympics ticketing issue has dominated the headlines and a number of serious allegations were made by a section of the Irish media suggesting involvement and wrong doing on my behalf. These allegations arose out of events in Brazil, in particular the issuing of a warrant against my passport by the Brazilian authorities.

As everyone should now be aware, this warrant was subsequently withdrawn, 10 days ago. In fact, the Brazilian police have never made any contact with me in relation to this issue.

When the issue of the warrant was first publicised in Brazil, certain media outlets took the opportunity to make the most serious and defamatory allegations against me.

My role as CEO of the FAI, it seemed, led to a significantly prominent positioning of this inaccurate and high profile reporting. These matters are now in the hands of my legal advisers and so I cannot comment further on them other than to confirm that I had no knowledge of or involvement in anything to do with tickets for the Rio games…..(more at link below)…

John Delaney, CEO of the Football Association of Ireland

Family fight!

CEO Message To Football Family (FAI)

OCI vice-president John Delaney issues lengthy statement on alleged Rio ticketing scandal (

Screenshot: FAI

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15 thoughts on “Gather Around Children

  1. bsteve knievel

    Im sure as a volunteer he had no problem accepting tickets for previous olympics. the rats are fleeing the hickey ship.

  2. Guess Who

    “Football Family”

    Interesting choice of language there. Deliberate evoking of closing ranks? Family? Nobody says nothin’?

    Remind you of any particular organisation? Those people we know?

  3. Mr. Camomile T

    In the extended statement Delaney says that:

    “it would not have been appropriate for me to publicly comment on or discuss sensitive or confidential OCI Board matters.”

    The OCI is funded by public money and is a de facto charity organisation, is it not? It’s not supposed to a for-profit business and it doesn’t have any “competitors” as such. So, why does it have sensitive or confidential matters? Should there not be minutes of every board meeting?

  4. Owen

    There is no smoke without fire John. Now please fupp off, stay away from football and stay away from the IOC, you fupper.

    Anyone with any level of education on this island.

  5. MoyestWithExcitement

    He mightn’t have done it but he deserves the bad press for being a greedy baxtard anyway, imo. His wage is €200k more a year, I think it is, than his equivalents in Spain and Italy. And he was pressured into taking a pay cut as well; one about 80% less than the number asked of him. Then he needs Redacted to pay the team manager’s wage. St Pats are offered €5k to fix up their stadium. The winners of the league get €110k. The winners get less than €50k. He gets €360k. Ridiculous.

  6. Guy Bague

    Footballing Family – ah the “best fans in the world” meme. Fans of a team that never win any competition. Or as normal people call them: Loser taxi drivers.

  7. Guy Bague

    in fairness, we need an inquiry into the Grace Jones ticket affair at the Olympia.

    Is it cos I is not gay enough?

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