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Trick Mistback in Ireland, new single and upcoming launch gigs

What you may need to know…

01. Since the last time we stopped in with multi-instrumentalist Gavin Murray, a.k.a. Trick Mist, he’s been busy to say the least.

02. Before departing Manchester, he made an appearance at Chorlton Arts Festival, a ten-day marathon of the arts in the Mancunian suburbs.

03. Streaming above is a video from said appearance, performing Cracking Settlement live. Shot and edited by Claire Byrne.

04. New single Crumbs Abound is available now on iTunes, as well as on 7″ from Tower Records in Dubline, and Dundalk’s Classified Records. Catch him live for a hometown show at Classified on October 14th at 7pm.

Verdict: Sparse and stark electronics and guitar-play are coated with crooning, subverted by space and reverb.

Trick Mist

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