This morning.

Unspecified location.

Thanks Nullzero



This morning.

Oranmore, Co Galway

Thanks Damien McCoy


Heather writes:

Saw this considerate mondo-car taking up two spots in Brown Thomas Car Park on Sunday. Driver had the reverse lights on, car in idle, was smoking and doing makeup for aaaages.

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10 thoughts on “Do As I Say

  1. On The Buses

    NCPS are pure evil. I was illegally clamped by them this time last year. eventually got my money back, after cc’ing every sitting councillor and TD in my area on the complaint.

    When i was on the phone to them trying to resolve the issue however I at one point said ‘I need to speak to somebody about this’ and the NCPS official on the other end replied, ‘well I am not a therapist’.

    1. Patrick Bateman

      I get great satisfaction when companies decide to play who can be the biggest asshole with me. I am very good at playing that game.

      1. On The Buses

        I found it hilarious when they issued that line. I immediately asked the guy who told him that line. They really are some of the worst people you will ever have to deal with, right down the line. From their ‘Enforcement Officers’ to their Managing Director. Really horrible people.

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