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Characters around Croke Park fbefore and after the GAA Football Final replay between Dublin and Mayo. Dublin denied Mayo a chance to win their first All-Ireland in 65 years by one point.

Pictures by David ‘Not The Iona Guy’ Quinn

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The Dubs celebrate their All-Ireland victory Smithfield, Dublin 7

Via Gaa.ie

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12 thoughts on “Point Of No Return

  1. Son of Cathbad

    Rumour has it there’s been a hex put on the Dubs because didn’t do the three cheers for Mayo in his speech –

  2. Billy Kremlin

    Would your man’s kids not be freezing in that weather with their tops off?
    At least he got to show off his muscles.

  3. The Real Jane

    I saw a very peculiar man with a sign saying that he’d sell his daughter for a ticket. I know lots of people are going to accuse me of having no sense of humour but I was pretty shocked.

    1. Neilo

      I’d imagine such a negotiation would attract a lot of interest from the authorities, once they’d finished quizzing The Smurificator.

  4. dav

    Disgraceful that Mayo got soo many tickets, they have a fraction of the population of dublin and, in fairness, they’ll only lose.

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