11 thoughts on “De Burds

      1. Sheila

        Actually the swans at this location do leave for the summer. I doubt they left the country though.

        They arrived back the week before last. First three and BAAM!!… three become twenty.

  1. tarfton clax

    Stop feeding the Pigeons. Scrofulous yokes. And especially outside the Gym in Rathmines. A health hazard to the creche there and an irritation to those who live nearby.

  2. Charger Salmons

    A photograph of a few swans and some pigeons ?
    Cutting-edge satire, Broadsheet. You’ve definitely got them rolling in the aisles with that one.
    I’m almost tempted to ping you a picture of the verruca on my left foot. Jaysus,I’m holding my sides.

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