The Choice Is Yours



This morning.

Coffee Angel, Pembroke Road, Dublin 2

Weezer writes:

Only commentary for Hillary’s based on husbands’ actions so?


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This morning’s New York Post

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72 thoughts on “The Choice Is Yours

    1. newsjustin

      Yep. And she gives them out herself to all her guests.

      She has her own server for that very purpose.

    1. ahjayzis


  1. Daisy Chainsaw

    Republican supporter gets stopped for speeding. Says to the policeman “I may be driving too fast, but why aren’t you arresting Bill Clinton?”

    1. francis almond

      Republican supporter gets stopped for talking about speeding. Says to the policeman “I may be talking about going fast, but why aren’t you arresting Bill Clinton the former president of the USA that had numerous extramarital affairs while in office then lied under oath & used his wife to lie and undermine the credibility of the women he preyed upon?”

      1. Daisy Chainsaw

        Trump raped an ex wife and a 13 year old girl.

        JFK “had numerous extramarital affairs while in office” and gave his wife an STI. Should Jackie have been villified for that?

        Why did both Ronald Regan’s wives have affairs? What was wrong with him that he couldn’t keep a woman and how did a cuckold of a failure get to be president and present the lie of a loving couple to the world?

        Adultery isn’t a crime and it certainly isn’t Hillary Clinton’s “crime”.

        1. some old queen

          Adultery isn’t a crime and it certainly isn’t Hillary Clinton’s “crime”.

          Yes it is. She is a controlling manipulate power hungry biatch who drove her husband into the legs of other women.

          She’s perfect for the job.

  2. Billy Kremlin

    I am a “millennial” and I find this practice of taking offence over everything embarrassing. Our generation is damned and we try to cover up our own failings by constantly pointing out others. How will anything ever get done in a world full of Moyests.

        1. MoyestWithExcitement

          Because you were offended. The internet probably isn’t for sensitive little daisies like yourself.

          1. Mayav

            I see you saying women are entitled in another thread. You appear to be trying to insult someone there by insinuating he is rally a woman. You have some problem with women?

          2. Billy Kremlin

            Haha. Did you read my follow up comment Moyest? No you clearly didn’t . It was a sarcastic comment to highlight how stupid the previous posters comment was about men was.

          3. Billy Kremlin

            No I was pointing out how stupid it was. Also the comment in question is not comparable to the one is the post.

            Your trying really hard on this one.

            Mods can we get an IP check on this account? Its clearly Moyest stirring and all it doesn’t add anything to the site and if anything it drives people away.

          4. Mayav

            Are you whining about someone driving people away from a message board after talking about millenials being too offended by everything? And, once the mods verify that IP address, maybe you wont be able to lie to yourself that the criticism you are getting right now is entirely valid.

        2. EightersGonnaEight

          “Mods can we get an IP check on this account? Its clearly Moyest stirring and all it doesn’t add anything to the site and if anything it drives people away.”

          Welcome to the age of #SnowflakeStasi.


    1. Nigel

      I like millennial’s because they challenge and question things and look at things in a different way. People who reduce that to ‘taking offence’ are completely missing what’s going on. Part it is because people are looking for reasons to hate them so they won’t have to feel bad over contributing to the mess the world is in.

      1. rotide

        You say that like it’s a completely new thing Nigel. Millennial’s don’t challenge or question things anymore than any previous generation did, the only difference now is that noise generators like Twitter allow them to be heard a lot more.

        If this is a good thing or not is entirely debateable.

        1. Nigel

          Doesn’t matter if it’s a new phenomenon or not, what they’re doing is new and different, and necessarily so, anything else would be culturally and socially stagnant. Anti-millenial sentiments, on the other hand, are almost entirely and comprehensively fatuous.

  3. 15 cents

    it is interesting.. the whole american elections thing .. farcical and interesting .. but we’re getting too involved, ive seen friends who had literally no voice during our own elections, tweet constantly about this one. we’re losing our own identity with how americanised we’re becoming. people stayin up late to watch the debate n’all, get a grip. same with when irish people tweet about ‘priviledged white people’ .. so embarassing, its such an american thing, because race is more a thing there.

    1. newsjustin

      I think it’s just like how some people are mad into their soccer but by soccer they only mean the Premiership, certain other foreign leagues and/of the national side. No interest in League of Ireland.

      The fact is, US politics has more production value than our own.

      1. 15 cents

        yea, its just far juicier. people here, stayin up late to watch it and gettin emotionally involved in it seems a bit much to me .. but yea, same with soccer, people get real worked up over it, and callin teams ‘we’

    2. rotide

      I cannot convey enough how much the ‘priviledged white man’ thing annoys the utter crap out of me.

      It says a lot more about the person throwing it around than the person it’s aimed at.

        1. rotide

          I know I’m making a mistake engaging with you but here goes.

          It is meaningless in the Irish context. It is a phrase born of a different culture and the fact the person using it doesn’t realise it makes it all the more annoying.

          I’m talking about the word ‘white’ here rather than the other two. Although priveledged is so overused it has lost a lot of its meaning.

          1. MoyestWithExcitement

            “I know I’m making a mistake engaging with you but here goes.”

            Yeah, considering you lile to call people half wits and tell folks to “engage their brain” in a patronising tone, I can see why you’d get nervous about engaging with someone not afraid to throw your trolling back at you.

            “It is meaningless in the Irish context.”

            Really? There are no non white people here? The vast majority of media we import from other countries isn’t full of white faces?

            “Although priveledged is so overused it has lost a lot of its meaning.”

            To you. It’s lost meaning to you. Why are you so offended by people pointing out how lucky we are?

          2. MoyestWithExcitement

            I don’t see myself getting sick of throwing your disruptive trolling back at you, don’t worry. It’s merely a public service to stop you irritating other posters.

          3. 15 cents

            moyest .. the ‘white privelged..’ thing was born in the states, where it’s descriptive of a group, but it doesnt hold up here because the majority of people are white. so to add in the extra description of white is unnecessary .. like if i told you your boss is a typical white priveleged D4 head .. adding white to that is unneccessary in ireland. if i said to someone else, moyest’s boss is a typical priveleged D4 head .. the person im talking to wouldnt say “what colour is he though?”

          4. some old queen

            Moyest, do you ever read back on what you post?

            Most of the time you discredit what you type by calling people names at the end.

            Focus on the topic. Answer to anyone in context of that topic. Please try not to be such an angry cliché lesbian.


      1. Neilo

        Right there with you, Rotide. An early resort of an interlocutor unsure of his case is name calling. You dying-looking bastard :)

  4. Feidlim MacSásta

    Can we have a new punk era please – when youth truly rebelled and actually brought something new to music and culture instead of ‘repurposing’ what every generation before them already invented.

    Hipsters, Millennials, etc are the most conservative, timid, complicit generation in 60 years. They bring nothing new, just reinvent old themes. They actually reinforce conservative values and inhabit the comfortable middle classes.

    They’re sh1ite.

    1. Neilo

      There’s not a lot of glory in perpetual struggle. I don’t begrudge people a little material or spiritual comfort.

    2. EightersGonnaEight

      Millennials are the willing footsoldiers of Irish property developers’ gentrification strategies: And then they whinge they can’t afford to buy…

      They’re the first generation where the parents are more subversive than the offspring.

    3. Nigel

      If their rebellion conformed to your idea of what a rebellion should be, then it wouldn’t be a sodding rebellion, would it? You thinking they’re crap suggests they’re more like punk than you can comprehend.

    4. Rob_G

      When people are young, they laugh at the old people who don’t understand them; then, within a few short years, they find themselves curmudgeonly old people complaining about the young…

  5. dav

    At this stage I reckon Dumpf could assault a girl in public and his supporters would just cheer him on, then afterwards blame the girl “….because she was asking for it…”

  6. Huh?

    Because it will have a massive impact on our world and our lives and if you don’t get that I am happy to recommend some reading.

  7. Eric Cartman

    Ive been in that coffee shop on a regular basis, ive seen the Hillary jar stuffed with 5s and 10s from idiots who think a coffee shop poll is going to get something done.

    A brilliant tip getter if ever there was something.

    Make America Great again.

  8. Feidlim MacSásta

    Coffee Angel on South Anne is full of self conscious awkward serious faced financial types hoping to be spotted by their bosses reading the FT.

    All acting real calm and collected and unfazed.


  9. Feidlim MacSásta

    I didn’t mean to drop ‘street’ there. I’m not one of those J1 types who says “hang a left on Baggot”.

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