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  1. Sheik Yahbouti

    Yeah Cowen, shudda wudda cudda – and people are actually entertaining this nonsense?? Do us all a favour and go away – please take Thug Jnr with you, as I see trouble down the line from that little bullyboy.

    1. classter

      By all accounts, ‘socialising’ is a rather generous euphemism for Cowen’s relationship with alcohol while Taoiseach.

    2. DubLoony

      Cowan – should have cut the booze – ya think?!
      The country was going down the tubes and he clearly was out of his depth.

      He refused to make any public address on it. He can just go away and stay gone.

    1. Frilly Keane

      And d’ya know what else

      I reckon he’ll be making a come back

      BTW. If anyone’s aresed
      ( Johnny might lash up a link)

      Anyway. Cowan’s ye man alright
      For Mary Lou n’ Peadar n’ Pierce n’Marty

      No problem t’im

      Pro Choice too
      Sum’ting Mickie Martian goes green on

      The Big Ignorant Fúppér From Offaly
      and I did say might

      Save the day

    2. classter

      How was he ‘far from the worst of them’?

      He took over as Minister of Finance when even McCreevy worried that property was getting out of control & we needed to be a bit more prudent. Bertie didn’t like that & instead installed Cowen to continue pumping a property bubble. He continued in that vein for four damaging years before it all came crashing down.

      He then stupidly gambled that he could calm the markets by guaranteeing all bank debts, including Anglo-Irish which was not a standard retail bank. He did so in a shady manner, late at night and has never told the full story of how he came to that decision.

      He was, if not the worst of them, then the second worst of them.

      1. Walter Ego

        Some of us never fcked up the country and partied while they did it.
        He should be in on trial, not be given a lucrative pension, a place on the board DOB Topaz and book deals.

    1. Frilly Keane

      what ever it takes

      To keep her show on d’road long like

      There isn’t a bigger phoney in LH at the moment

    2. DubLoony

      She got what she wanted with the marriage equality referendum so others can go take a running jump now?
      Sisterhood will not be amused.

  2. some old queen

    Trump says the election is rigged and that Hillary is on drugs. Oh dear, it’s getting silly now.

    Here is one for the conspiracy theorists. As well as the implosion of the opposition, at this point The Democrats are heading for the biggest electoral win in their history. Is it possible that Trump is actually a stooge for them?

    1. Brother Barnabas

      my bet is that Trump won’t be on the ballot paper come election day – whether he drops out, gets pulled, gets assassinated, whatever.

    2. Ern

      Very likely.
      Made a deal with the clintons;
      ‘Run against Hilary and we’ll pay you.
      If she wins, you get paid, if you win, you get to be president’.
      At his stage he’s given up and just flinging poo

    3. classter

      I have thought about that quite a few times.

      Even if he was a mole for the Dems, there is no way they could have predicted how successful he would be in the Republican primaries. At best, they could have hoped that he would act as a spoiler during the early stages of the primaries.

    4. Deluded

      Initially I thought he was there to drag down the dialogue, to see how low he could go and then hand over to any other candidate who would look reasonable in comparison.

      Trump has run before, remember how we mocked his rent-a-crowds at the beginning of this campaign? His business is self-promotion.
      Now apparently 70% of Republicans still think Trump is reasonable or at worst will be a puppet for a Kove or Rumsfeld, ie, Republicans with Republican policies will be in charge whatever happens.

      I don’t know that anyone “planned” this, it’s a billion dollar circus for the media and a lot of people are good at responding on-the-fly, capitalising on unfolding events. As regards the psychology or popularity I would compare Trump to historic movements like the “Know Nothings” of the 19th century.
      I think there is some merit in the possibility of an Ailes/Trump channel to supercede Fox.

  3. Patrick

    Some men hunt for sport, others hunt for food but the only thing I’m hunting for is an outfit that looks good!!

      1. Patrick

        I think you misunderstand the question. Women can still be women without being feminists. Men can sometimes describe themselves as feminists, while still being men! You can be against abortion and still be a feminist and you have be for abortion while not identifying as a feminist. The fact that you answered they way you did and the previous commenter likewise says more re about the narrow manner in which you can understand things. I can see that it’s not entirely your fault. People are not really encouraged to think anymore. Rather they are asked to pick a camp on one side or the other based usually on their narrow understanding of the labels placed on people and ideas which in tern allow them understand the world in a more digestible fashion, even if whoosh simplistic and often inaccurate

  4. Patrick

    Doesn’t anyone find the fact that another minister for justice has breached the data protection legislation is worse than unfortunate?

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