TX For Everything




TXFM, occupying the former airwaves of Phantom 105.2, goes off air.

The station was among the few fighting the good fight full-time for new, independent Irish music, staffed by people who actually give a toss about same, our own Nialler9 included, and who we imagine won’t be long going about finding new battlegrounds.

The station goes dark at 8pm.

Cheers, lads.

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27 thoughts on “TX For Everything

  1. MoyestWithExcitement

    In fairness, do people who like indie music spend much time listening to the radio? It’s certainly a shame a national stage has been taken away but it was always going to be difficult to maintain it as a commercial entity.

      1. Starina

        (also the glory of txfm/phantom was that it wasnt just indie. there was industrial, electronica, punk, avant garde, classic rock…all the different genres represented at various times)

      2. MoyestWithExcitement

        Well it’s generally going to be a younger person and younger people have loads of options for media consumption. They tend to have more active social lives and extra curricular activities; less time spent listening to the radio. I’m not saying there’s *no* audience for a station like this but it’s evidently not large enough to maintain. Art has always heavily relied on philanthropy and I fear we’ll need more of it for another TXFM.

        1. Gav D

          And of course none of those people own, or drive in, cars. Which I understand have had radios attached for some time now.

  2. missred

    This is so upsetting, listened to it in its various guises for 17 years. What the hell else do I put on for the morning?

  3. Starina

    teared up hearing claire beck cry as she signed off today. tis a sad dayy for Irish radio and for the music scene.

  4. Junkface

    Don’t worry Denis O’Brien will buy it up and replace it with AdsFM, your new favourite radio station that ONLY plays ads. Thats where were going

  5. Bob

    Never a big fan of the station (for my taste there’s be one song in ten that I could listen to), but it’s a sad thing to lose the station and be left with near identical stations elsewhere, playing endless autotuned sh*te.

  6. martco

    thanks lads
    big pity will be missed by both myself and my customers
    loved the afternoon slot always a great mix

  7. Saul

    Tx made the commute just about bearable. Really sorry to see it go. There has to be a market for radio like this. Hopefully we won’t have to wait too long until someone cops on to that.

    Thanks lads for all the tunes.

  8. Zaccone

    They werent always my exact bag musically but sad to see them go. Dublin radio is all so generic; pretty much all the major stations are just marginally different flavours of Top40 hits.

    Smaller population areas in other countries seem to manage to have a few Top40 stations, but alongside maybe an RnB station, maybe a dance music station, etc. A bit of variety at least.

    1. DeSelby

      My sentiments exactly… once a radio station is granted a licence in Ireland, they all chase the mainstream advertising dollar….. the next thing is more of the same crap musak.

      At this stage they should deregulate the radio licencing laws. There have been some amazing pirate stations over the years that have all been shut down. It’s a taste of what we could or should have. The fact that we have such hamogeny indicates that our licencing model is very broken. An DO’B/Voldemort’s grip on the private airwaves is a symptom of this problem.

  9. ceo

    I’ve been wondering how so many big indie/rock acts can regularly fill the Point/O2/3 Arena and draw massive festival crowds, not to mention the many gigs in medium and small venues. Yet, the country’s* foremost indie/rock station can only muster a listenership of 18,000. I mean, not all cars have bluetooth for streaming Spotify and Deezer.

    Myself and the kids will miss this on the school run. The CD player doesn’t even work on the 2nd car FFS – 10 year old boneshaker that it is.

    * I know, Dublin and bordering counties.

    1. Caroline™

      You can get a very cheap bluetooth adapter that plugs into your cigarette lighter. It broadcasts from your phone to your radio. Bit fiddly for short journeys but worth it otherwise.

  10. Bingo

    I never listened to it but I’m a cranky old sod that hates DJs, adverts, ‘features’, news, sport, weather, etc getting the way of music.
    So radio ain’t for me! Spotify Premium all the way….

    But, I’m sad to hear that a station playing decent music has bitten the dust. A lot of my mates were fans.
    Plus, people lost their jobs.

    Damo Dempsey just popped into my head..

    “Oh what a felony
    How the record company pushes this McDonalds music
    An aural lobotomy
    For those who choose it
    Corporations pumpin all this money into pop
    To keep the real singers far away from the top
    So folks are never told what these corporations do
    Fuckin up the planet, exploiting me and you”

    1. SOQ

      Is there not some silly law which says that a percentage of radio broadcast time must be spoken word?

      That might somewhat explain the brain dead rubbish most of the FM ‘DJs’ spout between the same (collective) twenty track list they play.

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