You May Like This: Gummidge



Gummidgenoise-rock from Galway

What you may need to know…

01. Grubby, gritty noise-rock foolishness is the order of the day for Gummidge, a trio from Gallimh, formed in 2010. You may remember them.

02. Releasing debut album Sick Again in 2012, the band has kept the home fires burning with work on Heartbreakers, a second LP released earlier this month and launched with a Galway gig.

03. Streaming above, available from the band’s Bandcamp. No formal physical release, but all digital purchases to receive liner notes in a card posted with each order.

04. Launching the new album in Dublin, at the Jigsaw arts space, next week on the 5th, with support from Ten Past Seven, 1, and Mercurius Forebrain.

Verdict: Angular, awkward, and noisy as ever. Grand job.


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One thought on “You May Like This: Gummidge

  1. human

    Yea lads we get it, Fugazi are cool, Nomeansno are the best band ever…. Time to move on.

    Try making something original.

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