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Rejjie Snowteethgrinding new video for single Pink Beetle

What you may need to know…

01. Alex Anyaegbunam, also known as Rejjie Snow, has taken on the world, and done so without so much as a second thought for the Irish musical establishment. Keen-eyed observers will remember his brief run as Dublin-based teenage wordplay prodigy Lecs Luther.

02. Soon after his time in the Luther pseudonym, he went Stateside to further his then-burgeoning soccer career, eventually tiring of it and coming back to Ireland to work on his real passion. Debut E.P. Rejjovich, released in 2013, did the business, and resulted in a deal with leading indie platform 300 Entertainment.

03. Streaming above is the video for single Pink Beetle. Inspired by the thoughts of a trip to the dentist, as if Hallowe’en wasn’t spooky enough.

04. It’s been released digitally via 300, his second single for the label, and prelude to his debut album, due “as soon as possible”, as confirmed in a recent interview with US industry mag Billboard.

Verdict: Success finds people in many different ways, and Snow has undoubtedly gone about it in his own fashion. It all bodes well for the man with the husky, concentration-laden delivery.

Rejjie Snow

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