23 thoughts on “How Much?

    1. Jake38

      No. Free coffee is capitalism. It’s called an investment.

      Socialism is when you drain the blood of the taxpayer to make coffee for the Diversity Officer in the Department of Social Welfare.

      1. Boy M5

        Oh I see I see.

        So is pimping out the unemployed to private enterprises via Jobbridge socialism? Is that not socialism for businesses?

  1. jackson

    Its great that the government in a country with wages half the average of Ireland is happy to subsidise his private event using public money, at the benifit of some hoteliers. But look free coffee!

    1. Delacaravanio

      Wouldn’t surprise me. Considering the cost of admission. Then again your man has doubled down on how happy he is with his new girlfriend, sorry, I mean Lisbon, and he’s totally over Dublin.

  2. dav

    well in fairness lisbon is the superior city, they even have a rail link from the airport, something the blushirts got rid off…

    1. Custo

      Twitter says that the public transport in Lisbon can’t cope with the crowds & that there’s chaos on train platforms

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