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Former justice minister Alan Shatter

RTE reports:

Former minister for justice Alan Shatter has won his legal challenge to the findings of the 2014 Guerin Report examining the handling of claims made by a garda whistleblower.

Mr Shatter appealed against the High Court’s dismissal of his challenge.

The Court of Appeal found in Mr Shatter’s favour this morning.

Mr Shatter claimed Senior Counsel Sean Guerin should have interviewed him before reaching adverse conclusions against him or should have allowed him to respond to draft conclusions.

…In his ruling, President of the Court of Appeal Mr Justice Sean Ryan said, in his view, Mr Guerin was obliged to observe the rules of natural justice and of letting the other side be heard.

He said there was a breach of Mr Shatter’s rights because of the defective procedure that was adopted.

The matter will come back before the Court of Appeal later this month to decide what orders or declarations the court should make.

Shatter wins appeal over Guerin Report findings (RTE)

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  1. Clampers Outside

    ” He said Mr Guerin’s report had caused him to resign from office the day after it was published in May 2014, and his good name and reputation had been destroyed. ”

    “……………good name and reputation had been destroyed.”
    Em….. he did that himself in his attempt to hang Wallace on TV when he revealed information he shouldn’t have even had.

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