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Email exchange between Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Campaign chief speechwriter Megan Rooney.

Ronan Emmet writes:

From the Wikileaks Hillary Clinton emails…. Any one know what the lamplighter story is?


Hillary Clinton Emails (Wikileaks)

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    1. wearnicehats

      Yes – if only Ronan had access to some sort of internet search engine where the answer to his question could be found in less than 1 second. What a time to be alive

  1. Clive Northwood

    “On her first visit to Northern Ireland in 1995 she made the acquaintance of Joyce McCartan, an extraordinary Protestant woman married to a Catholic whose own son had been killed in the Troubles.

    As her biography noted, McCartan lost 17 members of her wider family during the Troubles including her youngest son, Gary, who was 17 in 1987 when loyalist paramilitaries murdered him in the family home. McCartan herself heard the shots.

    The incredible personal tragedy fueled McCartan’s desire to find a way to stop the violence. She founded The Lamplighter drop-in center, which became a guiding light amid the encircling gloom for families weary or fearful of the Troubles who wanted to talk and mingle.

    In November 1995, McCartan, the center, and its Lamplighter Cafe, were in the world’s spotlight when First Lady Hillary Clinton dropped in for tea and a chat with a group of women from varying backgrounds.”

  2. Dόn Pídgéόní

    Why does this matter anymore, she’s not going to be president. Why aren’t you reporting about his administration or his threats to the media as president-elect? Why aren’t you talking about how the KKK thanked Wikileaks and the Russians said they had a hand in it? Nothing on the racist attacks?

    1. SOQ

      Because it doesn’t suit the Broadsheet narrative these days. Narrowsheet would be more a more appropriate name I think.

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