To Have And To Hold



Yesterday we asked you why your pet deserves a portrait from PawsPawsPawsPawsPrints.

You entered (ooer) your cats dogs and whatnot in their dozens.

But there really could be one winner.

Artist Jane Fogarty has selected Dee Cunniffe’s entry on behalf of his cat Mimi

I very badly need a portrait of my pet cat Mimi of 10 years owing to having to get her put down two weeks ago and collecting her ashes today! And having 3 very sad kids who grew up with her


Jane writes:

“3 heartbroken kids should have a nice memento I think.”.


Thanks all,


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9 thoughts on “To Have And To Hold

      1. Dee Cunniffe

        The youngest actually held the cat whilst the vet injected the pentobarbital into it. When the cats’ muscles relaxed the child was covered in piss. He got to hold the lifeless cat for a few minutes. I don’t think I sheltered him too much from the whole process, dickhead.

        1. Djin Genie

          Woah, what a visceral experience for your little boy. Sorry for your family’s loss and I hope the picture brings you all some comfort.

          1. Dee Cunniffe

            I think my point was that you presumed I was sheltering my snowflake from the realities of life, and I was letting you know that we let him see the harsh realities of life – piss and all!

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