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This Side Up – Sligo hip-hop

What you may need to know…

01. Myster E, Shaol and DJ Noone are This Side Up, a Sligo hip-hop collective.

02. Emerging from a live rap cypher at a regular vinyl night of the same name, in the town’s McGarrigle’s pub, the trio have been quietly gaining momentum in Irish hip-hop the past few years.

03. Streaming above is the trio’s debut album, Full Fat, the follow up to last year’s 3075 EP. Featuring appearances from Spekulativ Fiktion, MC Muipéad and Verb T and Moreone.

04. Catch them tomorrow evening at Liquid Lounge in Cork for the Cuttin’ Heads Collective’s birthday, and on the 26th at the Grand Social in Dublin.

Verdict: A big, boisterous offering that not so much touches on, but lands a big elbow drop on, everything from mental health in Ireland, to world politics.

This Side Up

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