For Your Consideration: A Hundred Thousand Welcomes



The system of direct provision.

Introduced as a six-month measure.

Sixteen years ago.

Rabble writes:

This country is no stranger to emigration, at its highest point only three fifths of those born here stayed. The others left without skills and mostly from the poorest parts of the country. For every 100 migrants that left, only six returned. Millions of Irish have left these shores in search of a better life and it’s still happening, there are over 200,000 less twenty-somethings in Ireland today compared to six years ago, one in six Irish born people live abroad.

Compare this to our treatment of those seeking asylum in Ireland. Direct provision, introduced as a temporary measure in 2000, is still with us today. Adults receive €19.10 per week, children receive €15.60, asylum seekers are not allowed to cook, nor to work. The average amount of time spent in direct provision is 38 months, one third of those in direct provision are children, of which 55% have spent over five years in the system.

Since its inception until 2015, the Irish State has paid €890million to providers who run direct provision centres. Companies are paid €30 per day per person in privately owned centres, €15 per day in State-owned centres. Certain companies have established entities in offshore jurisdictions and are under no obligation to publish their profits. From the period of 2011-2015, nine companies have been paid in excess of €10million from the State.

In the preceding year to June 2016, Ireland had received 2,780 asylum applications, a mere fraction of the amount of similar size European countries like Denmark (21,000 applicants) and Norway (28,000 applicants). Figures from the Office of Refugee Applications Commissioner in 2015 showed that only 9.8pc of applications were granted leave to remain.

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Video by Jamie Goldrick and DK.

A hundred thousand welcomes (Rabble)

23 thoughts on “For Your Consideration: A Hundred Thousand Welcomes

  1. TheFerg

    ” there are over 200,000 less twenty-somethings in Ireland today compared to six years ago,”……
    I don’t buy that, anyone?

      1. TheFerg

        Thanks Clampers:

        “Most dramatic however is the fall in the number of younger women. The number of females aged 20 to 24 fell from 180,900 in 2009 to 119,300 last year – a fall of 34 per cent.
        Females aged 25 to 29 fell from 202,100 to 158,800 – a 21.4 per cent decrease.”

        Think I’ll be staying on in Landan so…..

  2. louislefronde

    When is a concentration camp not a concentration camp. Oh yeah, when it’s called a ‘Direct Provision Centre’.

  3. H

    Some of this article doesn’t make sense, if, as the emigration figures suggest, Ireland can’t sustain its own, how could it be expected to sustain people coming from elsewhere?
    Ireland is an island to the west of another island to the west of mainland Europe so it is hardly surprising that fewer refugees make it that far.
    As it fails to include percentage figures for the number of applications granted for Denmark and Norway it is not possible to make a comparison on that basis, just saying how many applications they receive proves nothing. That said, I agree that direct provision is morally wrong and, as usual, I can’t help but feel that someone close to the government is profiting at the expense of the tax payer.

    1. Kolmo

      Are these “Welcome Centres” not privately owned companies, owned by local well-placed individuals in the areas in which they are located? – or am I under a grave misapprehension?

      They look like they come from the same low mentality that set-up the Workhouses 150 years ago…

  4. Jake38

    “…..feel that someone close to the government is profiting at the expense of the tax payer….”

    They are called lawyers.

  5. Eamonn Clancy

    Let’s be clear, the Irish emigrated to find work. We have thousands of “refugees” who arrived here in the early 2000s to take advantage of our social welfare system under the pretence they were fleeing war. The era of liberal bullshit is over, get used to it.

    1. Starina

      there’s no hard evidence of war anywhere, it’s all green-screened for the news and the moon landings were fake, too!
      that’d what you sound like, Eamonn

  6. Weldoninhio

    “The average amount of time spent in direct provision is 38 months” mainly due to nonsense, spurious, paid for by the taxpayer appeals.

  7. Cian

    This country is no stranger to Immigration
    There were 600,000 non-Irish nationals in Ireland in 2011 census (of 4.6 million). Rabble is mixing up immigrants and refugees.

    1. Seamo54

      Nope ‘immigration’ was not mentioned in the piece. Oh, I get it, you are just trying to be smart on the internet.

  8. AlisonT

    These articles always make reference to how many Irish have gone abroad. If we treated immigrants like the Irish in the US and Australia are treated then we would not allow them in without insurance an lots of money, we would arrest any without proper visas and we would give them no money or health cover from the state.

  9. Truth in the News

    Have our Citizens who have emigrated out of economic necessity being given
    free accommodation, pocket money, free travel, free health care and the opportunity to become Citizens.

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