Last Night In Dublin




Heather Thompson writes:

Some absolute scumbag lit a homeless person’s few belongings on fire last night in Dublin city centre  heartbreaking. fortunately, volunteers were out at the time to help the victim.


Via Tony Walsh

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26 thoughts on “Last Night In Dublin

    1. scottser

      hey, it’s all allowed now – trump, brexit etc. you’re nothing unless you’re a right wing bigot. all them hipsters will be sporting the ‘adolf’ soon, wait and see…

  1. Yoda_

    Nearby business owners. It’s happened before. Most attacks on homeless are carried out by “nice respectable chaps from good families” on their way home after a night on the coke.

    1. H

      The company I work for in London destroyed a homeless person’s belonging by covering them in bleach to stop him from sleeping rough out the back. Another member of staff who had been giving him food told me he was devastated, hopefully what goes around will come around for the two involved.

      1. Gah!

        Oh my God! May they have no luck for doing that. Destroying the little he had. Scumbags. I hope you find a new job somewhere better soon because if that’s how they treat homeless people, they are not good people and can’t be very nice to their staff.

  2. Tony

    There are way too many verified facts in this posting. The fake news on Facebook is more credible. But, whatever roasts your chestnuts I guess.

        1. Starina

          how about you have some humanity and take the word of people who go out in the freezing cold several nights a week to make sure the city’s homeless get hot food and warm clothes? why so suspicious, dude?

          1. Starina

            looks like it, yeah…i can see a comment on the original post where one of the volunteers saw “the kids that did this”?

          2. Starina

            if you want journalism with hard copy notes, go read the Irish Times. this is a submission from a reader, not a journalist. if you don’t know the difference…

    1. Parp

      Heather clearly didn’t take the picture, it is credited to Tony Walsh. And if you took as much time to click on the source as you did to post that comment, you would see that yes, yes he did help out. In fact that is why he was there in the first place.

  3. Birneybau2

    This place is just taking on the same ‘Fcuk you’ zeitgeist as Justine McCarthy wrote about in the Sunday Times last week.

    Who did it? Any proof? Yer man probably did it himself. WTF’ingF

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