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  1. Botchy

    I know there’s some real news out there but that’s my fupping hero dog on the front page of the Examiner, the legend.

  2. Tony

    The Irish Times becoming more ridiculous in its lurching from loving the feminists to hating them. Its found a seam of clickbait and wont let go. Expect the shrill to be high on this one.

          1. Biggins

            but were you simply apologizing for your mistake, or were you apologizing for being a male which is now required

    1. Clampers Outside!

      ‘Femicide’ is the classification of ‘domestic violence’ as a ‘hate crime’.

      Not surprisingly there is no word for the reverse action…. because feminist theory of ‘patriarchy’ informs the language, and the theory is incapable of seeing women as perpetrators of domestic violence nor men as victims of domestic violence.

      Language is powerful.

      In the UK a woman dies of domestic abuse every three days… a man dies of domestic abuse every thirteen days, but feminism sees that statistic as “dangerous” to their cause.

      This was shown to be the case at the SAFEIreland Summit, a couple of weeks back. If you look at the speakers list, on it was Karen Ingala Smith…. a radical feminist ideologue who describes statistics on male victims of domestic violence in as “unhelpful at best, it is derailing and dangerous at worst.” Link to quote https://kareningalasmith.com/2013/04/29/this-thing-about-male-victims/
      It is from persons like that that the word ‘femicide’ derives from, please keep that in mind.


      Egalitarianism before feminism !

      1. Clampers Outside!

        Please note also, Smith campaigns against a gender neutral approach to DV and campaigns to maintain the current biased DV intervention model known as The Duluth Model incapable of viewing women as perpetrators nor men as victims… and she claims to work for a movement that has at it’s focus ‘equality’… the hypocrisy is crystal clear, the double standards a perfect example.

      2. Sheik Yahbouti

        I would regard all forms of domestic violence as abhorrent, with perpetrators all worthy of the same punishment. However, poor Clampers with his “wimmins issues” can’t see the woods for the trees, so blinded by dicklessness is he. We have long had – regicide, patricide. matricide, homicide and infanticide. Presumably these terms are acceptable? It is only when the tautology ‘femicide ‘ is used that he starts frothing at the mouth. Pretty telling.

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