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Part of a campaign by anti-prostitution activist group Ruhama to highlight how women who are trafficked into Ireland for sex are treated.

The #WhereIsAndreea campaign will see dozens of posters (as above) placed across Dublin city centre.

Ruhama is urging people to call the number above and “hear what Andreea has to say”.



Have you got 10 seconds?

Tom Moylan writes:

Ruhama, a Dublin-based NGO, does on the ground outreach to victims of prostitution and other commercial forms of sexual exploitation.

They have made a video where they share the dream jobs of women accessing their services – business graduate, furniture restorer, baker… If their video gets enough votes they’ll win an extra €1,000 in funding.

If you have 10 seconds please vote for it here



Senator David Norris brought up the subject of prostitution, Ruhama and the Turn Off The Red Light campaign in the chamber this morning.

He said:

I also want to take up this business of Ruhama, and Stop the Red Light (sic). It’s time this type of nonsense was really, honestly addressed….Despite the puppeteering going on by this middle class collection of ex-nuns and radical feminists…98% of the women for whom the voices are being articulated by the self-appointed group are opposed completely to it….the police are against it, by and large. Everybody realises that it’s going to be inoperable, ineffective and going to lead to serious risks to the lives and welfare of women and men involved in the sex business. So yes, prostitution is messy, it’s regrettable but it’s a fact of life.

Then Senator Aideen Hayden (Labour) interjects and it all kicks off.

We seem to have an issue with prostitution and no one’s buying it.

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