A Limerick A Day



US president-elect Donald Trump (left) and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un 

North Korea’s a bit of a dump
Say’s Putin’s new running dog Trump
But the chances are slim
That our hero Kim
Won’t tell him to take a high jump.

John Moynes

Pics: CNN

2 thoughts on “A Limerick A Day

  1. sǝɯǝɯʇɐpɐq

    Would you look at the state of this pair?
    One envies the other one’s hair
    But still understands
    He has bigger hands
    So he raises them up in the air

    Although he thought that he had won
    The battle had only begun
    Trump shouted out ‘I will kill
    All your mates, Kim Jong Ill’,

    To which he replied ‘I’m Jong Un’.

    Trump’s comeback had to be strong
    He said ‘Listen to me Mr. Jong
    Whether Un-ing or Ill-ing
    Us two should be chilling
    – Here, have a suck of me bong’

    That’s when the plot took a twist
    Kim Jong Un said ‘Here, suck on me fist
    I’m the biggest DICKtator
    – You’re just a Hater
    Half the time I think you’re pi55ed’

    contd. on Page 65

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