26 thoughts on “Too Late, But Still

  1. bisted

    …reminds me of the apoplexy shown by crooked Hillary and her supporters during the election campaign when the Donald suggested that the election was rigged and that he mightn’t accept the result…

      1. bisted

        …correct…a five letter word springs to mind… contains the letters r,n&y…clue: it’s not angry…

    1. Nigel

      You should consider raising the rent you charge for me to live in your head to something that reflects current rates, rather than charging me nothing. Seems unfair somehow.

      1. Clampers Outside!

        But, I thought you guys all laughed and were disgusted at anyone who would even think of not honoring the result of the election.

        But, but, but… that was 2016 …I guess. So it’s a new year, and Hillary supporters do appear to be identifying as lame-o flip-flopping virtue signalers in 2017… so they don’t have to be consistent to virtue signal… I guess…

        Hmmmm, now I get it… what Bisted said, up top.

        – – –

        I am genuinely laughing at this rally, the hypocritical Hillary supporters, the real and unquestionable ‘virtue signaling’ that so many did while following Hillary, and here they are now, showing that they don’t have one iota of genuine conviction to those signals.

        Honoring the result, they said…. LOL!

      2. Nigel

        Hilary conceded. It was concerns that Trump would not concede that blisted referenced above. Other than that, I’m not sure what part of people who opposed Trump still opposing Trump is difficult to understand. That’s what consistency means.

    1. ivan

      there was a great viz top tip recently….essentially ‘don’t throw out your old radio times, just put it up in the attic with the decorations and use it again next year…’

  2. jimmy russell

    drumpf didnt even win Hillary got the most votes this election was hacked into by russia the electrical college is literally the same system the nazis used to took over ugh I literally cant even right now

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