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Louis is back.


Louis le Fronde writes:

I refer you to this very interesting article in The Guardian about Amsterdam benefitng from Brexit…and it begs the question, why would any firm move to Dublin when there is Amsterdam?


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61 thoughts on “Ask A Broadsheet Reader

        1. bisted

          …spent almost a year in Netherlands and never met anyone who couldn’t speak English…trouble is, they all speak at least two other languages fluently as well…

          1. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

            For instance, everyone stop saying Thigh-land for Thailand. It’s Tie-land. Like Thames, Thomas, Thyme. Silent H.

        1. Starina

          yes. everyone under the age of 35 speaks it fluently or near fluently. i know several people who have moved there for work and didn’t speak a word of Dutch.

  1. scottser

    you think accommodation costs are bad here? try amsterdam, capital city of the country with the highest population density in europe.

    1. Louis Lefronde

      Renting or buying a house is more expensive in Dublin than Amsterdam?

      Which begs a number of probing questions, why is it that the country with a population 3 times that of Ireland, which has a higher density, and is significantly smaller can provide rental accommodation for less?

      The reason is there are anti-competitive forces at work in Dublin, and the Irish government is complicit to some degree, and won’t do anything about it.

  2. Nikkeboentje

    It says it in the article….the cap on bankers’ bonuses is 20% of salary and salaries are low in The Netherlands.

  3. Harry Molloy

    Dublin and Amsterdam are quite similar in an awful lot of ways like size, cost of living, relaxed attitude, drinking and restaurant culture etc

        1. dav

          oh you’ve picked up on a spelling error and made a funny, how clever..
          still, it doesn’t cover up for the fact that that dublin and Amsterdam are not in the same league

          1. classter

            Dublin is far better in some ways, Dublin has a far better muisc & literary scene. Eating out is immensely better in Dublin.

            Amsterdam clearly has much better public transport & cycling infrastructure. It is closer to the rest of Europe etc.

  4. Anomanomanom

    I was there once, far to many giant bananas peeling them selves for my liking. But the mushroom pizza was lovely.

  5. Grace

    Well, just off the top of my head:

    -Dublin is facing a serious shortage of everything – hotel rooms, office space, student accomodation, and of course houses and apartments!
    -Dublin has a seriously crap public transport network
    -Top rate of tax is quite high I think and would put off high earners
    -The enrolement situation with schools in Ireland – not all high flying financiers will be catholic…
    -The more or less total ban on abortion in Ireland – if I was moving from UK to Europe, as a woman I wouldn’t be too impressed with our 8th situation.

    1. classter

      I disagree with the Catholic stranglehold on education & on our ridiculous abortion laws but I would be shocked if either had any impact, good or bad, on whether financial firms moved to Dublin

  6. nellyb

    Commute to work for 2+ hours a day within city limits. Add extra if need to drop the kids to schools.

    1. classter

      What city are you talking about? Surely not Dublin. You could walk just about anywhere in Dublin in an hour

      1. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

        Nope: getting from Rathfarnham into town by bus can take an hour in the morning. I hate every inch of that journey.
        So I guess 2 hours in total commuting (if you’re dropping kids off) is possible.

  7. charlesbronson

    The Dutch are very smart clever and quiet operators…their version of the IDA was doing the whole foreign direct investment mullarkey with favourable tax bells and whistles many years before we ever got into it, they especially went after the Japanese corporates, loads of evidence of it today around Amsterdam and Rotterdam.

    Lots of valid points above, I reckon far far better option would be to go there than Dublin

    Unless we come up with some bats plan to cut the tax even further back to say 5% to keep what we have and attract more

    I’m struggling to understand why we remotely believe we have a shot at picking up ANY of the potential brexit fallout

    Bad times await imo we’re about to become proper fupped in all this

  8. Anne

    Because of eh, Guinness.. and fry ups, and fish and chips and Enda said Cead Mile Failte n stuff.
    You mightn’t have anywhere to live, but Cead Mile Failte all the same like.

    Come to think of it Louis, why don’t you head off to Amstersdam? Au revoir.. we’ll miss you.

      1. Anne

        Because one thinks the ar se hole in charge (FG) are ruining the country, does not mean one hates Ireland.

        Also, Louis Da Fonz is French. From Cote Z’Azur. Enough said.

        1. Kieran NYC

          Nah, you consistently state it’s the worst country in the world, that it’s worse than Nigeria and everything in it is terrible.

          You loathe the place.

    1. Louis Lefronde

      Anne, I live on the Côte d’Azur in case you forgot?

      Oh and I don’t hate Ireland as some people think… I just believe it has structural and systemic problems that could be addressed. I like Dublin, but civically speaking, it’s a mess. I attribute this to poor management and incompetence at governmental and municipal level, lack of foresight (vision) and casual criminality in the commercial sector. I’m quite astonished that you have this proportion of the population who seem at face value be well educated yet strangely unwilling to actually ‘face down’ and ‘push out’ some of the obvious clowns in your political system.

      I mean how and why do you put up with the following:

      Fianna Fail – A localised redneck franchise party made up of corrupt provincial Oiks, slum landlords, gipsies, property developers, sleaze-bags and thieves
      Sinn Fein – A ragtag army of former terrorists, zealots, marxists and organised crime
      Fine Gael – A cheap knock off of the UK Conservative Party, that represents farmers, fascists, catholics, and po-faced anal-retentives (Barristers)
      Labour Party – Public sector unions, nepotists and the gay mafia (who only look after Labour gays, don’t you know ;-)
      The Green Party – Genetically Modified Weeds made up of cheapskates, born again christians, preachy primary school teachers with an interest in cycling and the Gaelic language AKA…..’MUNTERS’
      Social Democrats – Labour Party Rejects and Millenials with scraggly beards suffering from Transgender Personality Disorder.
      People Before Profit – Genetically Modified Communists.

      1. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

        I was going to post something sarcastic then thought, actually he’s mostly right.
        Hat tip to you, sir.

      2. Nigel

        There’s probably a term for the sort of person who’ll tell you that they love you really and then subject you to withering verbal scorn ‘for your own good.’ Whatever that is. We took the gauge of your moral depth in that Famine/GDP thing. We have our problems, sure, but I suspect you;re the sort of ‘friend’ who will never do anything other than find fault with everything. Too many of those around.

  9. Listrade

    I mean, that’s pretty much just an advertisement for Amsterdam dressed up with a few quotes from the man responsible for selling Amsterdam.

    Still, for such a poxy place we seem to con(vince) the companies to come here. There have been several visits from American financial companies with London bases scoping out property and Dublin. Looks like some migrations are on the cards. That has been ramped up as a concern and interest in Dublin since the hard brexit announcement. Several UK based financial institutions have scoped out Ireland too.

    Amazon, Facebook and others have all invested in huge data centres in Dublin.

    And from previous employment, the international companies know that Ireland doesn’t have the technical labour it needs, but that’s the same in most european cities, but they feel that it is easier to attract people from within and outside europe to relocate to Ireland than anywhere else.

    And on the most obvious note on why not Amsterdam; it has a reputation for smut and drugs binging. Not really the values most of these companies wish to be associated with no matter how legal.

    But yeah, ask a broadsheet reader why an advertorial for Amsterdam should cause the collapse of the Irish economy.

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