Can You Make Hope And History Rhyme?



Never mind.

Scenes Of Moderate Violence is the stunning debut collection from award-winning poet John Moynes (top).

Written between 2013 and 2016 it depicts a world recovering from economic turmoil and then collapsing into fear and despair. There is also “a bit about a time travelling cowboy who can recite two poems at once”.

Hairy, windswept and interesting, John is crowdfunding for the printing of the collection and is reaching out to followers of his cherished Limerick A Day slot on the ‘sheet, which has made him the most frequently read living poet in Ireland.

A small pledge here will get you the buke and the priceless gift of of long-form Moynes.

Scenes Of Moderate Violence by John Moynes (Unbound)

27 thoughts on “Can You Make Hope And History Rhyme?

  1. No more mr nice guy

    A hirsute young fellow not from Cork
    Went on the ‘Sheet to flog his life’s work
    No thanks cried the massive
    Shove it up your back passage
    We prefer you as an unpublished dork

          1. No more mr nice guy

            Yes Donal would take a photo of the poet with some boxes of Rice Krispies he himself had put there wouldn’t he?

          2. Brother Barnabas

            You’ve moved from stupid comments to nonsensical comments. Stupid was marginally better; go back that way if you can.

          3. Brother Barnabas

            I know I should just ignore you but you’re fupping annoying

            guessing you get told that a lot

  2. Gorev Mahagut

    Was it for this the wild geese spread
    a jar of nutella across the wall
    and, wrapped in prison blankets, said
    “we can’t be having this at all”?

  3. sǝɯǝɯʇɐpɐq

    I don’t understand what I read
    The thoughts of it fill me with dread.
    You know I’m not Gay
    So why did you say
    I’ll get ‘access to the shed(?

          1. Compassion Cash

            I am the doing the world a service. Irritating the troll.
            How are the lads down the shed ?

          2. Compassion Cash

            You are the biggest troll I have ever come across. The ultimate bully….. and I HATE bullies.

  4. Anne

    These are cool..i like um a luut.
    The Limericks don’t half capture the talent in fairness.


    I once gave myself to Failure
    To her kiss, her skin, her hair,
    And I always will love Failure
    I’m just having an affair. 

    You know that sometimes fools like me
    Let lust disolve our continence
    But never fear a fool like me
    Just trust in my incompetence. 

    For sometimes in my line of work
    The best laid plans blow up
    I did my normal kind of work
    And saw Success show up. 

    So just for now I love her
    This sexy, sacred cow
    But I will not always love her
    Or forget my sacred vow. 

    That I gave myself to Failure
    To her kiss, her skin, her hair,
    That I always will love Failure
    I’m just having an affair. 

  5. Anne

    “This book is also a useful tool when evaluating a potential suitor. If they laugh at the funny bits and nod sagely at the profound sections then they are clearly a person of intelligence and compassion. If at any point they become aroused you should notify the authorities.”


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