Chancing His Arm


Jameson Limited Edition Bottle Steve McCarthy_3
Jameson Limited Edition Bottle Steve McCarthy_1(1)

 Designer Steve McCarthy Paddy’s Day special edition Jameson


Leah Kilcullen writes:

Every year Jameson celebrates St. Patrick’s Day by commissioning an artist to create a piece of original art for its limited edition bottle. This year Jameson is proud to be working with Steve McCarthy, a Dublin based designer and illustrator. His style is bold, colourful and inspired by the humour and wit of the people that he has been around all his life….

To wit:


Leah continues:

In 1492, in Dublin, ‘Black James’ Butler and his men found themselves barricaded behind the door of St. Patrick’s Cathedral in Dublin. On the other side was Gearóid Fitzgerald who, tired of the constant fighting between the clans, decided it was time to make peace.

Fitzgerald ordered his men to cut a hole in the door before extending his hand through the gap as a token of friendship. Rather than cut his arm off with a sword, Butler shook it and the long standing feud came to an end, giving Dublin one of its most famous sayings – ‘to chance your arm’.

In Steve’s design he has brought the ‘chance your arm’ story to life via two outstretched hands exchanging a handshake, which is framed by the St Patrick’s Cathedral door of reconciliation.


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21 thoughts on “Chancing His Arm

    1. Brother Barnabas

      “without emus”

      It’s the Jameson family motto. It was, apparently, the first observation when Thomas Jameson disembarked in
      Dublin after voyaging from Australia (little know fact: emigrated from Australia in the 15th Century). It’s on every bottle of Jameson (used to be “sine dromaius novaehollandiae”, but that was too long [I assume]).

  1. bisted

    …Enda should bring a bottle of that to the Whitehouse…Trump mightn’t know the chancer story…

  2. Spaghetti Hoop

    I think it’s a great design – well done Steve McCarthy.

    The Dublin landmarks are a nice touch. #SAVEPOOLBEG!

  3. Anomanomanom

    Probably charge more for this, like the €65 bottle they tried to flog an American at the end if the tour they do. Needless to say I call them on the price gouging, politely explained the same bottle was €32 in the off licence and the crap fake wood case was not worth the extra €33.

  4. bertie blenkinsop

    I can’t be the only straight man who’d like Steve to wrap them up in a big white fluffy towel and dry them after a bath.
    I am?
    Forget I said it.

  5. Turgenev

    Didn’t end the feud, though, those quisling Ormonds finally got rid of the FitzGeralds by nefarious means.

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