Fine Gael leadership contenders Leo Varadkar (left) and Simon Coveney at the Brexit All-Ireland Civic Dialogue in the Royal Hospital Kilmainhamin earlier this month

The mood in FG has turned sour
As two bright young things fight for power
So will this debate
Produce anything great
Or just one long amateur hour?

John Moynes


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5 thoughts on “A Limerick A Day

  1. bisted

    …The media seem all agog
    at who will get the top job
    but it will quickly turn sour
    when the FFers sweep to power
    and the winner will become Sideshow Bob

  2. Nigel

    Thesis: leadership of FG and, to FF, leadership of the country are both poison chalices right now. Nobody wants ’em.

  3. jusayinlike

    Will they,
    Give it to Leo, the gay man
    whom the pope won’t meet,
    Or Simon the stutterer,
    who Sinn Fein will eat..

  4. Fully Keen

    Maybe a woman would be nice, for a change. Having the man child who looks ill isn’t a great look to present as our face to the world.

    But looks aren’t important, look at yer ma.

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