20 thoughts on “A Limerick A Day

          1. This monkey's gone to heaven

            Given his colourful political opinions and family lineage – I can’t wait for Mozzer to weigh in on this. Or daoine eile.

  1. Spaghetti Hoop

    Britain has a flabbergasting amount of cheeses and high-tech dairy farming. I would look further afield for a new export market for the very delicious Irish cheddar. Plus start thinking about a fondue variety, more goats, charcoal, chili and herbs and incredible marketing.

    1. martco

      mmm. Not so simple, as the old saying goes you can bring a horse to water but u can’t make him drink it

      It would take some serious marketing trickology. Food product is sometimes highly localised, engrained, political…it would take u 100 years and a lot of money for example to convince the French or the Germans or the Chinese that Cheddar is a good thing. Brexit is VERY BAD news for our primary goods output, there’s problems ahead for sure.

      1. This monkey's gone to heaven

        That’s true. I brought some Durrus or smoked Gubbeen over to some French friends once. They tried it and did like it, but remarked “oh you have ONE good cheese” ;)

  2. Rob_G

    Maybe I’m showing my ignorance of all things dairy-related, but can the factories that make cheddar not just convert to making emmental and gouda? They are stone-mad for that stuff over here.

    1. dav

      It may be that easy, I do not know but I think the overall problem is a lot more complex.
      What is to be done with the Thousands of tons of cheddar already made?
      How do you make money as you try and sell “Irish emmental or Irish Gouda” to markets who have never heard of such a product before?
      The cost of changing produce AND marketplace might spell the end for a lot of jobs in the irish cheese industry.

  3. Sheik Yahbouti

    OH NOOOOO, the Greeks might start sniggering at us (a la Michael Noonan) about our ‘Cheddar’ cheese.

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