The App Trap (Part 2)


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Having fallen foul of Dublin City’s dual app parking charge snafu, Graeme Kelly writes:

The friendly clamper guy told us to appeal the €120 fine as we had made an effort to pay for the parking (we have receipt from Payzone) and it was a genuine mistake. Got this reply to the Appeal this morning. €20 cost for 2nd Appeal to

Context: The App Trap

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11 thoughts on “The App Trap (Part 2)

  1. postmanpat

    Standard letter that they all send out. They aren’t going to grant you an appeal and give you back 120 euro. why would they? A guy I worked with had is window display ticket fall from his dashboard onto the floor of his car in the portlaoise train station car park. he got clamped , paid clamp company to remove clamp (goodbye money you will NEVER get back) sent in appeal with evidence payment of parking. got the same type of letter. “did not display properly ..etc etc. . In future , if you are in the right , do not pay the fee. once you pay the fine your money is gone, simple as that!

    1. essexhian

      I got clamped at a rail station car park. I had a ticket on the dashboard. It was a weekly ticket. I had to pay to get de-clamped. I sent in an appeal and got the standard letter back. They told me I could send in a second appeal. €20. On doing a little bit of investigating they are not independent. I have spoken to lots of neighbours on my train that have been clamped. Appeal says they? You may as well throw your money in the bin…..nobody has ever got their money back!!!!

  2. Bacchus

    when paying through Pauline you check the adjacent signs for the colour or code and include that in your payment text. It takes a particular level of stupid to pay money to a colour or code that doesn’t exist… it takes honours stupid to draw attention to YOUR mistake not once, but twice.
    Suck it up. Quietly.

  3. Richard


    And you can only appeal to IPAS by post. They won’t even accept online payments – only cheque or postal order (isn’t it remarkable that the parking sector have the technology to pay for parking by text but they can’t enable paypal for their appeals process?!).

    And communicating only by post feels like they’re coming up with every possible tactic to block public engagement.

    Graeme, it feels like you’re being screwed. If the cost is an issue – and after knocking out both the parking cost and the €120 declamping fee I’d understand that it was – I’ll pay the appeal fee if you want to go ahead with the appeal. Perhaps the nice people in Broadsheet will pass on my email address and I’ll get the €20 postal order to you.

  4. The Real Chris

    So you tried to use Payzone app in a private car park. I’m not sure what you are after or why you are wasting precious life on it. You can use Payzone app anywhere, but if your car isn’t actually parked in one their zones it is meaningless.

  5. BSJohnny

    NCPS=privaye clamping company. get clamped by them, cut clamp off. they have an app called park by text

    parkingtag app is for dcc and other council run parking, get clamped by them, just pay up

  6. On The Buses

    Don’t appeal to them, they charge for that too. Send an email too their Managing Director, his details can be found online. CC every sitting TD and Councillor in your area.

    I did that when I was wrongly clamped in my college last year. They refunded the cost of clamp removal very quickly.

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