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VIRCOLACDublin death metal

What you may need to know…

01. Recalling early death-metal, VIRCOLAC is the convergence of a number of Irish metal veterans.

02. Emerging in late 2013, the four-piece’s debut release, Codex Perfida, released in November of 2014 and promptly sold out of its limited CD and cassette releases.

03. Streaming above in its entirety is The Cursed Travails of the Demeter extended-player, released last Hallowe’en in a split release between Sepulchral Voice and Dark Descent Records. Also available for digital download and on CD, vinyl sold out.

04. Catch them at the Siege of Limerick all-dayer festival, this Sunday, alongside 20+ more Irish and international metal bands, across all three stages of Dolan’s in Limerick.

Thoughts: Peddling trenchant tales of the horrific and heinous, VIRCOLAC do so with genuine aplomb.


4 thoughts on “You May Like This: VIRCOLAC

  1. kid jensen

    a few years ago I was in baden baden and i climbed up to the ruined castle on the hill over the town. there was a german metal band taking publicity photos with swords,chainmail etc

    1. Benny

      Ah it’s a good photo. Be nice. Still waiting on someone to ask Victor Langheld if they can do a shoot in his garden (may need to be post-metal to get away with this).

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