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I Draw SlowDublin Americana/roots

What you may need to know…

01. When not on the Irish touring grind for the past decade, Dubland five-piece I Draw Slow have been busy whittling away at modern Nashville, appearing regularly at folk & country fests across the States.

02. After thirteen Stateside tours, the band may have made their breakthrough, signing to Americana label Compass Records, joining Altan and Ron Sexsmith on the roster.

03. Streaming above is their new video, for single My Portion, filmed on Achill Island.

04. New album Turn Your Face to the Sun releases on May 12th, having been funded entirely through pre-orders. They launch the record at Whelan’s in Dublin on the 14th, and play Cork’s Cyprus Avenue on the 20th.

Thoughts: Harmony-laden contemporary roots music that never slips into well-trod genre schlock.

I Draw Slow

2 thoughts on “You May Like This: I Draw Slow

  1. Annie

    I do like Americana so I enjoyed this, lovely blend of voices.

    Main criticism is the video. It’s obvious that the videographers are very skilled and have created some beautiful water shots but I don’t feel the connection to the song.

    I like some kind of connection even if it’s a cut to them performing especially when they’re a lesser known band… I think the video dwarfs the song and the band.

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