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For the day that’s in it.

Frank O’Dea, of Balla Bán Art Gallery in Westbury Mall, Dublin, writes:

With Prince Charles and Camilla’s arrival to Dublin today, we have decided to mark the occasion with a bit of memorabilia of the man himself in the gallery window – a mug of a younger Prince Charles when he got engaged to Lady Diana. It’s the last of its kind and costs €20.

The inscription reads:

“Whatever beverage brims in this cup
Thank God for PRINCE CHARLES when you pick it up
And as you quaff it, bless that same grand Planner
Who gave him for a bride the fair DIANA.”


Prince Charles and Camilla head south to get a taste of the Áras (The Irish Times)

Thanks Frank

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6 thoughts on “Ah Ear

  1. Henry Woods

    I haven’t seen the people of Kilkenny look forward to a Royal visit since they had invited Olly Cromwell to tea in 1650.

  2. Bertie "the inexplicable pleasure" Blenkinsop

    Inscription underneath
    “All through his marriage the cad was unfaithful,
    He portrayed his wife as uncouth and ungrateful,
    So smash this aul mug and drink out of a funnel,
    for what your crew did in that dark paris tunnel”.

    1. scottser

      bertie wins the internet. your prize, is the same as charles’s – you get a gawp at a naked camilla. enjoy :)

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