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This morning.

Kilmacurragh, County Wicklow

Britain’s Prince of Wales visited the National Botanic Gardens where he planted a tree and encountered Fine Gael TD Andrew Doyle (above centre) and Independent Alliance TD Kevin ‘Boxer’ Moran (above right) on the second day of his visit to Ireland.

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Gerry Mooney/DFA Pool

Sabina Higgins greets Britain’s Prince Charles in Glencree, County Wicklow yesterday

Steady on.

Peter L writes:

It’s wonderful that we have good relations with the British Royal family and all but is there a larger purpose to these visits and their frequency and the level of deferential intimacy on display? We are a Republic after all carrying a complicated history with these people….[we are] not hoteliers to the British elite…


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This afternoon.

Glencree and Powerscourt County Wicklow.

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This morning.

Powerscourt, County Wicklow.

The Sugarloaf Mountain from the Powerscourt Estate, which Britain’s Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall will view at the start of a two day Irish visit this afternoon.

The Duchess will also visit Bray, Broadsheet‘s base of operations since 2010, to play the slots visit a women’s refuge.

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Eamonn Farrell/RollingNews

’tis one.

Last night.

The Irish Embassy, London.

Britain’s Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall, greeted above by Minister for Foreign Affairs Simon Coveney, was guest of honour at a St Patrick’s dinner to celebrate Irish artists in Britain.



Prince Charles meets actress Fiona Shaw and comedian Dara Ó Briain .

Nothing is that funny.

Off your knees, quislings.

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Calm down.

Calm down.

This afternoon.

University of Liverpool.

President Michael D Higgins has met Prince Charles and his wife Camilla during a day celebrating the culture, history and people of Liverpool.

President Higgins and Prince Charles signed a scroll making them joint patrons at the Institute of Irish studies at the University of Liverpool. The event was attended by the Irish Ambassador to the UK, Adrian O’Neill….

President Michael D Higgins meets Prince Charles in Liverpool (RTÉ)

Pic via Kate McMulin



This afternoon,

Muckross House in Kilarney, County Kerry

Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, rides a jaunting car while Britain’s Prince Charles enjoys the view with Dr Philip Buckley of the OPW. During their visit to Ireland, the Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall visited Cork yesterday, and are visiting Kerry today.

Eamonn Farrell/RollingNews


“I can have him shot, Sir.”


“He won’t be bothering us again, Sir.”


This afternoon.

English Market, Cork

Quisling fishmonger Pat O’Connell, who met The Queen at her previous visit to the English Market in Cork, 2011 (top), and was subsequently invited to Buckingham Palace in 2014, with Britain’s Prince Charles, Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall and Tanaiste SImon Coveney during the visit to Ireland by the Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall.

The couple are in Cork today, and will be visiting Kerry tomorrow. Expect possible Healy-Rae action.

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Eamonn Farrell/RollingNews