Dara Quigley (above) Today’s Irish Sun

Campaigning journalist Dara Quigley has been identified as the woman filmed being arrested and dragged into a Garda car after walking naked in Dublin city centre.

Dara, who was battling mental health issues, took her own life within days of the video being shared on Facebook allegedly by a member of An Garda Síochána.

Stephen Breen, in The Irish Sun, reports:

A major probe is under way after a woman who was allegedly filmed by a garda as she walked naked in a busy street took her own life just days later.

The officer has been accused of using his mobile phone to record CCTV footage of her arrest in Dublin last month and then sharing it in a WhatsApp group.

The north Dublin woman had been suffering from depression and was receiving treatment for drug addiction when she was detained in the city on April 7 under the Mental Treatment Act.

It’s understood the video clip was posted to Facebook three days later by another individual — and viewed 123,000 times within a 24-hour period.

Facebook removed the clip on April 11 after being contacted by senior gardai but the woman’s body was found in the Munster area the following day.

The officer at the centre of the allegation is suspended on full pay. It’s understood he denies the allegation and any wrongdoing whatsoever.

Irish woman took own life after CCTV footage of her walking naked in the street allegedly filmed by garda and posted online (The Irish Sun)

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300 thoughts on “Disgusting

    1. Anthony

      Very easy to confirm this person guilty! His mobile phone records incl saving, recording (CCTV)! Then prison the Scumbag after naming him! Shame him like the way the lady probably felt, shame.

  1. Bertie "the inexplicable pleasure" Blenkinsop

    I’d heard that earlier but didn’t link the two stories, what a scummy thing for the Guard to do although I can’t honestly say it surprises me.

    Poor girl, an absolute tragedy.

    As an aside, any chance the Mods can remove the link to that lying rag of a newspaper.

    1. Bertie "the inexplicable pleasure" Blenkinsop

      jesus, I’m complaining about the S*n and I didn’t even cop the link to the video, what are you playing at at all BS?

          1. know man is an island

            Ever the know it all, looking down their nose and childishly sneering at others who abhor manufactured consensus and groupthink

          2. Sham Bob

            So that’s what you’re about. I’m not sure your now-removed exchange with fluffybiscuits way earlier doesn’t show your true colours:

            fluffy: Met her twice Devestating :(

            know man: What was she wearing?

        1. E

          Eh… No. The newsworthy part of this story here is that a guard thought it was ok to share a video of someone in distress that clearly had mental health problems.

          The sharing of that video probably ( I only say probably because I can’t say certainly, but I know it wouldn’t put me in a better headspace ) didn’t help her in her situation at all. Sharing the same video again here is shocking. We know it exists, we don’t need to see it. No one needed to see it, and she certainly didn’t need to see it all over the internet.

          Take that link down!

          1. Starina

            Take the link down! tasteless! She had a very large circle of friends and they don’t need to stumble on any more of this crap!

          2. Jones

            “someone in distress that clearly had mental health problems”

            Hardly clear. My first instinct was publicity stunt or some sort of ‘Free the Nipple’.

          3. know man is an island

            While that is potentially true it’s not all that relevant in my opinion here.

            What’s relevant is that at least one garda seems to think that posting a video of a violent arrest of a clearly vulnerable woman is kosher, this highlights a moral issue as well as an operational one with force discipline. The fact of the video’s existence underlies this. Bodger posting the video in fact serves the point of view being expressed, namely that it underscores how sordid and sleazy certain members of an Garda can be.

          4. E

            @know man is an island

            While I understand your point that the videos existence is what proves the filth that are within the garda, I just don’t think anyone else needs to see it. There does not need to be any more click on it.

            We know it exists, I am happy to believe that without watching it and I feel like her friends, family and just out of respect for the woman it should be taken down.

            I don’t think anyone can argue that that video going viral was directly related to making whatever she was going through 100 times worse. For me, that is reason alone that it shouldn’t be linked to.

          5. jeremy kyle

            If the leak of this video contributed to her own taking life then I wouldn’t be sharing it… that’s just me.

            Either way, terrible story.

          6. know man is an island

            @ E – While I accept the subject is distressing to some, like the Lady Vanishes about I also think people need to be shocked , shocked out of their torpor and unthinking questioning of authority and how it is governed and regulated in this country. This video is the thin end of the wedge really in terms of Garda indiscipline

          7. E

            @know man is an island

            Again.. I agree that people need to know what is happening, how disgusting it is. But this case.. the woman killed herself a few days after it went online. It is just massively disrespectful to post the video again. But it’s gone now.. so we can all go back to work and stop being outraged.

            Why the calm reasoned comments here, but the vial one about “What was she wearing” below?

          1. The Lady Vanishes

            Absolutely don’t take the link down. It shows exactly what scumbags the gardai are. Reading Dara’s blog and facebook posts and watching the video, it’s clear that she was a very brave lady who wanted, above all else, for the truth to be acknowledged.

            Too much is hidden in this country under cover of ‘sensitivity’. There is no excuse for the guard who posted this, it wasn’t a random funny event, he couldn’t have thought that, the use of the term ‘padded cell’ shows that he was deliberately making fun of someone with mental health issues.

            The video and caption gives a visceral impact into the lack of compassion shown by the Gardai and should stand as a representation of exactly what attitude they have to women and people with mental health difficulties.

            For those of Dara’s friends who may be concerned, it in no way reflects badly on her. She comes out of it with great dignity.

            On a separate note – what a shitty little comment that ‘click’ one is, Custo. Don’t you think Broadsheet’s coverage of mental health issues and the Kate Fitzgerald post rebuts that kind of slur? If you’re a guard, the general public is a bit more sophisticated now than in the past – we know that the standard tactic of those who want to hide their wrongdoings is to smear the people who expose it.

          2. Custo

            I didn’t need the actual link to understand how poo-y it was of the Garda to post the video. I don’t need to smell my shoe to know dogshit stinks. Calling it ‘disgusting’ and then posting the link is crass and desperate.

          3. Custo

            Also, daras posts here in the past gave her great dignity. That video did not and theres no way you can argue otherwise.

          4. Cian

            @The Lady Vanishes
            My understanding is that the Garda ‘allegedly’ shared this on WhatsApp, and this video was subsequently sent onto facebook by person unknown – this second person added the “term ‘padded cell’ “.

            The Garda (or whoever it was that recorded the video onto their phone) was 100% wrong to do so and wrong to share on WhatsApp. But they weren’t, necessarily, making fun of mental health. It may have been shared before the woman was in the squad car!

            Whoever uploaded it to Facebook deserves your contempt.

        2. Stephanie

          The fact that it happened is, the video itself is not. Watching the video is of no benefit to the public. Quite the contrary.

          1. know man is an island

            In your opinion. But thanks for speaking for all of us. You really don’t have to do that .

      1. J9

        The problem is not that she was arrested but rather that the cop posted the video. I think the link should be taken down – particularly considering the “padded cell” comment.

        1. ZeligIsJaded

          It shows them forcibly arresting her while presumably in a distressed state.

          No offer of a blanket.

          No attempts, by the look of it, to open up a dialogue.

          How is it not relevant?

          Its distressing, but it is relevant.

          1. Stephanie

            Describe the contents then. There is absolutely no need to have the video linked here. Shame on broadsheet for this. I had only just started revisiting the site.

      2. MoyestWithExcitement

        Cops not having a clue how to deal with sufferers of poor mental health is a different conversation. Have some respect. I mean, the music! WTF are you thinking?

          1. Nigel

            Presumably that’s what the cop said, only instead of ‘important’ he said ‘totes hilairs’. This is compounding his actions and an assault on the dignity of the victim. It really isn’t necessary.

          2. Vote Rep #1

            While I completely admit it doesn’t look good I’m not entirely sure what they should have done different. Bodger, could you explain how would you have gotten a struggling adult into a car who did not want to get into it?

          3. MoyestWithExcitement

            She killed herself shortly after a mortifying video of her walking through the streets naked and being arrested was viewed over 100,000 times in a day. A cop has been suspended for publishing it. Why should people see this?

          4. Eamonn C

            Not important enuff for your staff to describe what happened and convey it in a way that doesn’t compound the abuse?

          5. Marie Broderick

            Even naming this lady is not in the public interest. This is a new low. The video would be necessary only as evidence in a Court Case against the person who recorded it. Having said that, he’s suspended on full pay and probably nothing will happen to him. The lady is dead. I can’t believe you published it.

          6. Tom Mc

            Why is the video nessesary when journalists are supposed to be WRiTING about the incident .

            If the very point of this article is that he shouldn’t have shared it, why kind of person are you to keep on sharing it?

            No one is dening she was treated poorly , every person who wants the video down is showing that concern. No one needs you to make a spectacle of it.

            It’s even mental health awareness week and your sharing a video that’s made this woman’s tragedy into a laughing stock.

            We al know your desperately scraping for page views by keeping it up. You’re not fooling anyone.

        1. Bob

          Ah feck off island twat. Trolling is fun, but choose your moments. You’re just being a dick with the only affect being that everyone can clearly see you’re joking. Make an effort or just stop.

          Bodger, the story is about a woman killing herself because of the callousness of the gardaí. By linking the video, you’re showing that you’re happy to be part of the problem. It’s not journalistic integrity. .

          Be human, not clickbait.

      3. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

        It really should be taken down: you’re not proving any valid point by leaving it up.

        1. know man is an island

          I disagree. I think it took some balls to show this.
          Absolutely appropriate to highlight the facts.

          1. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

            I think it’s horrendously invasive and made no less so by saying that “it’s to show how she was treated”.
            I haven’t seen it and won’t look at it.

      4. Eamonn C

        Part of how they treated her was posting this video. Now you’re doing the same. For shame. If you were so concerned you could have described anything that concerned you in the video.

      5. Sham Bob

        Idk, See the scumbaggy way Liveleak framed it, and now they’re getting clicks as their reward.

      6. Shane Conneely

        That’s a bad call, you could have described what happened to her, anyone who was prurient enough to want to view the video could have tracked it down online themselves.

        Her arrest isn’t the newsworthy piece, it’s the Garda sharing privileged information that he had access to as a result of his uniform that’s the problem.

      7. Sarah Jane Brennan

        If you want to highlight the inhumane way in which she was treated, do so in a separate article. The cruel and abrasive treatment she received can be relayed to the public by referencing the video. There is no need to link directly to it – in this article or any future article.

  2. Rosie

    out of respect for the person who died please remove link to video. this seems very disrespectful in the face of this tragedy and does not hold the person who shared it to account

  3. KM

    Disgusting. Absolutely raging about this.

    What kind of a degenerate would post that video?

  4. martco

    I have it on good authority that station sergeants have a pain in their bllx with the younger guards and their inability to leave down the phone for 5 mins, non official whatsapp usage is rife in particular and a major problem.

  5. Vote Rep #1

    Jesus christ Bodger. Any particular reason you felt the need to link to the video? Very classy. Even the sun didn’t do that you scumbag

  6. know man is an island

    Amazing how Broadsheet readers laud the publication when it exposes Garda whistleblowers but draw the line at a woman’s naked body. Absurd and weird.

    1. J9

      I don’t think anyone objecting to the link has an issue with nakedness … looks like you might be deliberately missing the point.

      1. know man is an island

        Oh I think they do. The video is the whole point of the article. As Bodger noted the rough behaviour of the gardai apprehending the suspect is the most remarkable aspect of it.

        1. J9

          No, the point of the article is that the cops shared the video it on whatsapp and is being investigated for doing so.

    2. Yep

      You’re a grade A K$$t aren’t you.

      If people want to see the video they can find it. They don’t need BS to be an avenue, Bodger. Really poor form.

      1. know man is an island

        Yea – the horror! the horror!

        when someone expresses a contrary opinion to yours

        Straight in with the jackboot

        Not very tolerant or helpful

          1. Yep

            I’ve loads more. First and only one couldn’t be more apt.

            ” The fact of the video’s existence underlies this. Bodger posting the video in fact serves the point of view being expressed, namely that it underscores how sordid and sleazy certain members of an Garda can be.”

            Fuppin’ gibberish. Why would I bother?

            “What was she wearing?”

            Seriously, why? …..K%&T

          2. know man is an island

            Scarlet for you that you have no other choice of expressing yourself than calling some names.

    3. Nigel

      A whole new level of attention-seeking on your part, the prurient applauding of the sharing of a video that victimised a vulnerable woman.

      1. know man is an island

        Nigel can always be relied on in fact for sneering at anyone with whom he disagreed. The joyless clutching at pearls here daily is one of the most distasteful aspects of commenting on the site and mars the enjoyment of it for many.

        1. Nigel

          You are certainly the opposite of anything like joy. Enjoy the few minutes of hate you decided to provoke. This is particularly horrible so you should get to feed off it for a while.

        2. Janet, I ate my avatar

          actually Nigel never has a sneering tone
          he comes across as a steadily respectful human even to those he opposes

          1. know man is an island

            He does in his hole. Have you never read his endless flame war with Clampers. Are you on drugs Janet?

          2. Bertie "the inexplicable pleasure" Blenkinsop

            Agreed, Nigel is consistently one of the best contributors here.

        3. jeremy kyle

          Eh, in all fairness I think comments like the one of yours that has since been deleted mars the “enjoyment”.

      1. know man is an island

        It’s important to highlight ones contempt for those with whom we disagree as that’s the important new information in this thread

  7. Eamonn C

    It seems Broadsheet is not immune to hosting the video as clickbait themselves. For shame. Take the link down.

    1. know man is an island

      Broadsheet has always been clickbait. Sure they even allow you to post your sexist nonsense here regularly

    1. Frilly Keane

      they posted a link

      that demonstrated how those charged with the task of “protect and Serve”
      treated one of us
      and yes Dara was one of us
      (since she did engage with me a few times)
      in her very worst hours

      I’ve answered your question Edalick
      now you answer mine

      Who are the Dregs now?

  8. newsjustin

    No need for the video. I mean, the leaking of the video is the offence here. Why magnify the offence?

    1. know man is an island

      No offence but you’re the guy whose views on abortion are in the 12th century right? No wonder the sight of a naked woman confused you. Better go expiate immediately

        1. Stephanie

          You’re showing a deep, deep misunderstanding of the relationship between dignity, nudity, context and consent. A woman in a position of power breastfeeding her child when and where she wants and needs to is not the same thing as a mentally ill woman being filmed without her knowledge and it’s frankly mind boggling that you cannot tell the difference.

          1. Stephanie

            Don’t feed me that don’t feed the troll bullshit. It doesn’t work anymore than “ignore the bully” works. And the comment is directed at those working in broadsheet as well.

          2. Bob

            He wants your reaction. If you don’t give it to them, they have to go away and try elsewhere. You fed the troll, now he stays.

          3. know man is an island

            Ignoring Bob

            I don’t know why you choose to interpret my posts in that way Stephanie but I’ll consider your point of view and respond more fully if necessary

          4. know man is an island

            I’ve thought about your comment now Stephanie and I can see there’s good intent in there but I simply don’t understand what you’re getting at. When I wrote to newsjustin above it was in the context of him being a persistent, anti woman, conservative troll on this site, I wasn’t making any other point or conflating the two issues in the manner you suggest.

            On balance and while I’m a little surprised at the over the top, prurient reaction from people here to the site posting the video, nonetheless I’m convinced Bodger and co were completely right to do so. Bodger is trying to highlight not only the fact that the Garda or his acquaintance who posted this video online were reprehensible in their behaviour, I believe he is also making a wider and wholly valid point about how Official Ireland deals with the mentally ill in general. Confronted with this kind of reality a lot of people find it unbearable or maybe even unbelievable, preferring not to accept how brutal life can be, but Bodger has really done them a service here in posting this whether they can see it or not. Also, no one was forced to watch it.

          5. Nigel

            You don’t know what ‘prurient’ means and your earlier disgusting comment, which cast a prurient and deeply insincere tone to the rest of your comments, was deleted.

          6. Nigel

            You’re also flat-out lying about why people found the link to the video unacceptable.

          7. Sibling of Daedalus

            Stephanie, as you’ve directed your comments to those ‘working’ in Broadsheet as well (does this mean earning a gainful wage? if so good luck with a response), I am replying as a contributor and as someone with whom the question of whether or not to link to the video was discussed in advance. I agreed with the decision to link.. I agreed because I felt that the public should be entitled to full disclosure of wrongdoing by the Gardai. The video was distressing but it was precisely because of this that it conveyed the wrongdoing far more powerfully than any second hand account could do. Irrespective of whether the decision to link was the right one – and I note that Broadsheet has responded to readers’ objections by taking down the link – it was motivated by anger on behalf of the victim. Not by disrespect for her, and not by clickbait.

          8. Nigel

            Sibling, i respect your reasoning, and accept that the link was posted in good faith and with righteous intent. But the OP above mentions noting of her treatment by the Guards, offers no analysis of how she was handled or restrained and provides no reasoned or informed commentary as to whether it was appropriate or abusive.

            The story, as presented, is about the footage being recorded off the CCTV and uploaded to the internet to become an object of public scrutiny, with all the attendant mockery and cruelty. It’s unclear whether Dara saw it or not, but her family and friends have certainly become aware of it. Even if they hadn’t, to include a link in that context seems to be compounding the act.

            Had the OP been focused on the physical treatment of Dara by the Guards, then the inclusion of the link might have been less instantly repellent, since it could be justified as evidence of how she was treated. But the treatment that is being decried in the article is specifically was the callous and irresponsible sharing of the footage, which still has the power to shock even in this day and age, especially when it’s someone we were acquainted with and liked and had good wishes for. That is what we were responding to. I’m sorry, but I think you guys misjudged this.

          9. Sibling of Daedalus

            Nigel, I note your response.

            My view remains that there should be full disclosure by linking to the video, on the basis that the public have a right to the fullest information possible about Garda misconduct, particularly where such misconduct relates to a fellow citizen now deceased and consequently voiceless.

            I see the provision of this information as something owed to Dara as a contributor rather than the contrary, in circumstances where she is no longer with us and not able to speak on her own behalf.

            I respect however Broadsheet’s decision to take the link down following objections by commenters.

  9. Aideen

    Can you delete that link to the video? Not helpful encouraging further circulation of it.

    1. Brother Barnabas

      It really, really is – even more so considering Dara was a contributor to this site and a friend/acquaintance of many of us. Offended and disgusted by this.
      That’s me done with Broadsheet.

  10. ahsureitsgrand

    Good thing that it was a completely isolated incident and completely unapproved by senior officials. I mean, it’s not as if she were a reporter who was outside the media consensus or anything, and ‘Official Ireland’ never targets critics in this way. Absolutely nothing to see here.

  11. Andy

    Holy crap.

    This garda needs to be sacked pronto. How long can it take for the cops to check his whatsapp account?

  12. Keith Guinan

    Remove the link to the video. The woman is recently deceased. Have some respect for her family at least.

    1. Stephanie

      The facts can be exposed without the video. Noone asking for this video to be removed is looking for the facts to be hidden.

      1. The Lady Vanishes

        Simplistic reasoning I think is what allows them to equate the two.

        It’s the same reasoning for instance that was used to stop people talking about sexual abuse in the past … sure if you say someone was a sexual abuser you demean his victims. In this case it’s okay to vaguely say what happened, but heaven forbid you might actually link to the primary evidence and if you do people are ready to smear you.

        Ironic this all came up the same day Alan Hawe arose from the grave again. That was a perfect example of discussion motivated by sympathy concern and compassion for victims being shut down out of consideration for friends and family of victims. If I was friend or family of someone as brave and dignified as Dara I wouldn’t be embarrassed for her by that video, I’d be embarrassed for the person who made it and the attitude their making it and captioning it shows. It’s possible for a wrong act to be perfectly wrong and disgraceful and yet for the victim to rise above it and that was how I felt after seeing the video. No reflection on Dara but a very telling reflection on the person who took it and posted it and the organisation they’re part of.

          1. Nigel

            You’re a play-acting charlatan. You don’t get to tell other people what to do. And you don’t know the difference between ‘equate’ and ‘contrast.’

          2. know man is an island

            Nigel: ” wah wah wah wah”

            Says : “you don’t get to tell people what to do”
            Tells : people what words to use

            *throws baby out with bath water

  13. J9

    @Bodger “J9, The aggressive arrest of a vulnerable women is what they shared.” – I doubt that’s why that cop shared the video to his whatsapp … It’s inexcusable and insensitive to share the link here again, considering the “padded cell” comment and the nasty comments underneath it. Low.

  14. Spaghetti Hoop

    Why were the cops so brutally rough with her? That was unnecessary. Surely they are trained in dealing with situations where a member of the public may be distraught, mentally ill, a victim of a crime or episode? There was little supporting treatment from what I see. Blackguards is all they are.

    Poor woman – this is a truly heartbreaking story. May she rest in peace.

  15. Joe cool

    Well done B.S. you’re going to lose some amount of readers because of this. You’ve gone all journal.ie and there’s no going back

  16. ivan

    you’re getting off on the outrage, i can tell BS but i’ll say it for the record that the link to the video needs to come down.

    You’re better than this. Most of the time, anyway. You don’t get to crusade (genuinely) about the likes of Kate Fitzgerald and then publish this. The story is the unauthorised recording/releasing of the video; the gardai’s treatment of Dara is relevant but in the circumstances, I’m not sure that us being able to see it brings that much to the party.

    1. The Lady Vanishes

      It did to me I have to say. It really did say something about the gardai in a way that the second hand account of the story I’d read earlier didn’t. I found Dara’s walk very moving and the lack of compassion and empathy shown in response was telling. .

      1. know man is an island

        Totally agree. Your thinking is so clear and I admire the way you are able to see things for what they are.

  17. Gavin Prior

    Remove the link to the video. You’ve no right to be reporting on the cops if you don’t

  18. Kate O'Connell

    Take the video down.
    Worse than the garda scum that put it up in the first place.


  19. Marion Rose

    Utterly disgusted that you choose to link to this video!
    No justification for it.
    It’s not about nudity, information or entertaining clickbait.
    Give her some respect in death and don’t compound the harm
    Take it down!

  20. Starina

    Good work, Bodger. The only people agreeing with you are the right-wing trolls. PS where’s that Pizzagate post you promised? Scarlet for you. Know when to back down.

    1. Vote Rep #1

      He/she was also retweeting tweets complaining that the media was ignoring the hack in the french elections. Annoyed that it didn’t seem to have the desired effect. Very weird.

      1. Bob

        He may be innocent. Probably not. But if he is, then it’s unfair for him to be punished.Maybe if we pretend it’s Trump in the video it’ll be taken down quickly?

  21. Sinéad Keane

    It’s real quiet disgusting that during mental health awareness month that you post the very video that in with all the available evidence caused so much hurt to this women. This is vile behaviour on your part, you are part of the problem.

  22. Sarah Jane Brennan

    It is absolutely despicable that you have offered readers a link to the video. There is nothing newsworthy about it. Should you refuse to remove the link, you will continue to compound the pain of those who were closest to this vulnerable woman. A woman who was fiercely intelligent and challenged the status quo with every pen stroke. A woman who was suffering from mental health issues, and took her own life not long after this footage was filmed. Your ethical compass is so far off it has imploded into a shameful plume of self-interested smoke. Sometimes ‘clickbait’ doesn’t draw readers, but actually leaves them so disgusted they cultivate a life-long aversion to your content. You haven’t just violated friend and family members’ right to grieve a loved one; you have violated the most fundamental standards of journalism.

    1. MayJay

      @Bodger Not withstanding the whole Pizzagate nonsense I have often found Broadsheet to be a great source of information not generally presented by other sites or newspapers.

      This however, is simply horrendous. The poor woman was, it seems, distraught by the publication of that video. Whether it was an indirect or direct factor we can’t know, but she took the ultimate step of ending her life. Your decision to re-publish it in these circumstances is extraordinary.

      Please take a moment to consider who is leaping to your defence here and what that says about your decision. From what I can see *everyone* else is apalled regardless of previous divisions.

        1. The Lady Vanishes

          I can see you’re angry but you’re being angry at the wrong people. Do you really think Broadsheet gets or expected to get anything other than abuse out of publishing this? It wasn’t put up for clicks (sure hasn’t the site been up enough long enough at this stage, and published enough controversial stuff, not to need them, nor do I see any way they could make any money out of clicks on this, even if you’re the cynical sort).

          If you find the video upsetting, it’s because of the Gardai in it, their attitude, and the idea that they’re spending their time making videos of the public to post for kicks rather than actually doing their job, something which in my view can only really be illustrated by looking at the video – a second hand account doesn’t do the sheer arrogance of the person posting it justice.

          I respect Broadsheet’s respect for their readers but I think some of those readers need to grow up and realise that sometimes offensive things have to be published to show just how offensive they are.

          To Sarah Jane Brennan above and her pompous grandstanding about violating the standards of journalism, get over yourself, yesterday, please. The whole point of journalism is that sometimes it is necessary to push the boundaries of what people are comfortable with to illustrate an injustice.

          1. The Lady Vanishes

            And can I just add as well. I fuppin’ hope all you who are penning outraged responses at the publication of the video on Broadsheet are also going to be sending outraged responses to the Gardai about the person who made and published it in the first place.

            But, you know, I bet 50% of you won’t, because first of all it might be a bit more work, secondly you wouldn’t get as much notice for it and thirdly your comments are not really about being outraged at the video or the linking to it at all, it’s more about putting down an independent news source and sniping generally. Sorry (well, not really!) but that’s the truth of it.

            To the other 50% who are genuine best of luck.

          2. MayJay

            @TheLady Whether I found the video upsetting is frankly irrelevant (I wouldn’t watch it anyway) However, I was able to understand the importance of the story and generate enough disgust at the perpetrators to satisfy even you. The fact is Dara did find it upsetting. And her friends and family are not randomers on the internet, they are grieving people to which this can only add distress. If the story alludes to the fact that it is on facebook then it is easly found. Those who wish to find/watch it can. But posting it here has promulgated the video to even more people.
            As to your second point, if you think the grossly corrupt and incompetent Garda Siochana give a withering Fupp about receiving outraged message then you’re very naive, to put it mildly.

          3. Vote Rep #1

            “your comments are not really about being outraged at the video or the linking to it at all, it’s more about putting down an independent news source and sniping generally”

            The state of this. You are not allowed be outraged by the actions of a small independent news source. Those that do are just doing to put it down. Small independent news sources can do not wrong at all.

            I’d imagine that if the Sun or Indo published it, suddenly it would not be necessary to push the boundaries of what people are comfortable with to illustrate an injustice but I guess they are not small independent news sources so can do wrong and are only after clicks.

        2. Frilly Keane

          here MayJay and the gang

          ye’re just looking for a side to ride with

          This is a story
          about how the Guards treated a clearly vulnerable young woman

          Clearly they didn’t give a fúc about her or what was the best care for her

          don’t say the video caused her suicide
          you don’t know that
          you don’t even know she saw it

          so if you and the gang are pointing fingers
          save a few for yerselves

      1. know man is an island

        Yeah let’s listen to what *everyone* on some Trotskyist-leaning clickbait site says

  23. Liam from Lixnaw

    i can search out the video somewhere else if i want to view – i would remove the link if i were BS

    having viewed it i can say she was poorly treated by the arresting gardai

    As for the clown who recorded and shared it – really hope he loses his job over it, not as a comeuppance but because a person of that immaturity should not be in a position of authority.

    That is what freaks me out about CCTV systems, DNA databases, general policing technolgies – is that the ejits you went to school with, who you wouldn’t trust to walk you dog, that then became gardai can access all this info. They think the pulse system is for stalking ex-girlfriends.

  24. mildred st. meadowlark

    Lads, I can see the point you are attempting to make here, but I really don’t think this is right.

    As many before me have commented, Dara was a lovely and well liked contributor to this site. Having the very touching post you made upon her death linked to the video, in the way you’ve done, seems… tasteless and even downright disrespectful. I do hope you take down that link.

  25. Dudley

    May be moot, but I assume it is illegal for anyone to record and release Garda CCTV footage, so if this video exists illegally, are Broadsheet infringing on the law by linking to it?

  26. RCRC

    Poor, poor form posting a link to the video. Respect for human dignity isn’t so hot right now, it seems.

  27. ollie

    That’s some heavy handed treatment of a woman who is obviously in distress. The Gardai involved are idiots.
    No surprise there so.

  28. Paddy F

    How did anyone think it was a good idea to hyperlink to the removed video on liveleak? Cop on lads.

  29. Joe cool

    I hope you got your 5 mins of trills and clicks that you sought. I also hope you got editorial go ahead on that bodger. If i was your boss and you posted that is have Your job for it. Nearly after an hour you have allowed remain so of the coolest comments from one goon in particular, this only proves to me that you seek to gain attention from this. You’re job is dome on that part. Time to spread the word on how vile this place has become

      1. The Lady Vanishes

        I can see you’re angry but you’re being angry at the wrong people. Do you really think Broadsheet gets or expected to get anything other than abuse out of publishing this? It wasn’t put up for clicks (sure hasn’t the site been up enough long enough at this stage, and published enough controversial stuff, not to need them, nor do I see any way they could make any money out of clicks on this, even if you’re the cynical sort).

        If you find the video upsetting, it’s because of the Gardai in it, their attitude, and the idea that they’re spending their time making videos of the public to post for kicks rather than actually doing their job, something which in my view can only really be illustrated by looking at the video – a second hand account doesn’t do the sheer arrogance of the person posting it justice.

        I respect Broadsheet’s respect for their readers but I think some of those readers need to grow up and realise that sometimes offensive things have to be published to show just how offensive they are.

        1. jeremy kyle

          I think in this context it would have been wiser to not circulate the video here.

  30. garthicus

    A friend of mines dad was in a state of mental distress and was wandering the streets naked, he died in Garda custody, there’s no video evidence, I’m sure the family would have been greatly distressed to have seen it do the rounds on social media.

    1. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

      Funny. I was just logging on there thinking if it’s still up I’d seriously have qualms posting here anymore.
      Decency prevails.

      1. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

        Well, I’d have logged off for a few days then come back as I’ve no gumption.

    1. Bertie "the inexplicable pleasure" Blenkinsop

      Was she battling mental health issues at the time and did she kill herself soon afterwards?

    2. MoyestWithExcitement

      Nobody is offended by nudity. She was naked 99.9999% because she was suffering a with severe episode of poor mental health. Someone decided to make footage of her walking around naked and getting dragged into a cop car available to the public. It was viewed 100,000 times in a day. Shortly after learning that a video of her walking around naked and dishevelled and thrown into a cop car was seen so many times, she ended her life. Then “Bodger” decided to publish the video here.

      1. Cian

        MoyestWithExcitement, you say “Shortly after learning that a video of her walking around naked and dishevelled and thrown into a cop car was seen so many times, she ended her life.”

        Do you know this to be true? Or are you assuming that she ender her life “Shortly after learning that a video […] was seen so many times”.

        1. MoyestWithExcitement

          You should read the actual OP.

          “The north Dublin woman had been suffering from depression and was receiving treatment for drug addiction when she was detained in the city on *April 7* under the Mental Treatment Act.

          It’s understood the video clip was posted to Facebook *three days* later by another individual — and viewed 123,000 times within a 24-hour period.

          Facebook removed the clip on *April 11* after being contacted by senior gardai but the woman’s body was found in the Munster area the *following day*.”

          1. Cian

            So you don’t know if it’s true.

            You have no idea if she knew of the existence of the video.

      2. Frilly Keane

        how sure are you of that
        that Dara saw the video
        and decided to end her life

        Moist, exactly how sure are you?

        I’ll be honest with ya
        I think Dara would have posted it up herself
        if she was still with us

    3. E

      I’m have no idea what your point is. But I’m trying hard to give you the benefit of the doubt here.

      Are you suggesting that if we weren’t so offended by nudity this woman would not have had to have been arrested, the video never would have made it around and all would be well? Or do you think that the issue people had with that link going up was to go with the fact that she was naked in it?

      Are you actually comparing these two situations.. because I don’t think I have the time to list all of the ways that they are completely incomparable, but I could free up my afternoon.

  31. rotide

    Well this was a professionally exectuted story wasn’t it?

    Kept the video up to show the manner of her arrest? Please, clearly the distress was caused by the sharing the video and not the manner of the arrest.

    maybe you need to spend more time listening to Terry Prone’s advice rather than attacking her and you won’t have 99% of your readership thinking you’re a clickbait seeking ghoul.

    1. rotide

      They didn’t stand up.

      They backed down quicker than Donald Trump when they realised how wrong they were.

      1. The Lady Vanishes

        I thought trolls lived under a bridge but I guess they were bound to move to a Village sometime.

        1. rotide

          How is this a troll?

          They published a video which was particularly insensitive given the circumstances and then took it down due to either thinking better of it or due to pressure from their readership.

          1. Clampers Outside

            To what benefit? You assume a motive on just maliciousness?
            Would you really be a repeat reader if you thought this site has that type of intent? I wouldn’t have thought so…

          2. Bertie "the inexplicable pleasure" Blenkinsop

            “You assume a motive on just maliciousness?
            Would you really be a repeat reader if you thought this site has that type of intent? I wouldn’t have thought so…”

            And yet…
            explain Leather Jacket Guy

  32. Tommo

    However, if you run around Dublin city centre undressed you’re going to find yourself up on youtube/facebook or whatever. That’s just a sad fact of modern life and filming in a public place is legal.

    As for the treatment by gardai, well all arrests look terrible because you are having to use force on somebody to do something that they don’t want to do. So I’m not sure if there are any bad guys in this case.

    1. well

      ” So I’m not sure if there are any bad guys in this case.”

      The people sharing the video.

    2. jimmy russell

      you are literally victim blaming, as a woman and a drug addict, she literally has NO agency, and no control over her actions, therefore there should be NO consequences for her actions, ugh it’s literally 2017 why do people still have to have these things explained to them?

      1. Clampers Outside

        As an addict I an responsible for ny actions.
        Addiction does not excuse behaviour nor does it mean kid gloves should be used, especially if they are running around the streets naked ffs.

        (I haven’t seen the vid)

        1. Bertie "the inexplicable pleasure" Blenkinsop

          It’s been fairly well documented that she suffered with mental health problems too Clampers.

      2. Clampers Outside

        … I’m reading that again….

        Is “it is literally 2017” or ‘current year’ and acceptable stand point for making a point these days… stop, plse.

    1. know man is an island

      There was never a mask. Commercial reality is what dictates the editorial line of any publication and for any online blogs, that means reliably generating clickbait

    2. GiggidyGoo

      Elaborate there a bit. What is behind “the mask” ? What face is on “the mask”.

    3. Frilly Keane

      c’mere Steph
      if your mask slipped who’d be underneath it?

      here’ Batty, you’re very good at remembering all the names this one has

  33. MoyestWithExcitement

    Yo. Bodgaroony. I hear her family didn’t want her name released? True?

  34. Frilly Keane


    I’m posting on thread that concerns amongst other matters, mental health & suicide, which I steadfastly avoid.
    So ye’d be right to assume I haven’t read a word in any detail

    I’m crossing the line because I must stand by Broadsheet here.
    I absolutely support the decision to provide the video link

    There are no words to accurately describe how Dara was treated in her worst hours.

    Just like there weren’t the words to describe a baby washed up on a Beach.

    And I will never apologise for posting this.

    So don’t bother

    I’ll remember you Dara
    All the best girl

    1. sǝɯǝɯʇɐpɐq

      I knew you’d see sense too Frilly.

      I wonder would the outrage displayed here today be focused on the lack of mental health care / Garda misbehaviour, rather than the link to the video if it was a man involved. I think I know the answer.

      1. know man is an island


        A great pair of queens

        If only Frilly would write in a English we could all relate to more often though


        1. Spaghetti Hoop

          Aye, it’s struggle sometimes but I lived in Cork for a bit so I get most of Frilly’s diction.
          Plus d’oul chip.

          1. Frilly Keane


            This is why I don’t be seen on threads dealing with Suicide & Mental Health stuff

    2. Nightwatch

      stating that you will never apologise merely admits and accepts that you have no capacity for or intention towards ameliorative growth or change – that is nothing to be proud of; doing so with a qualifier of having not properly read the issue at hand is quite frankly the height or arrogant ignorance

      your deliberately honed brand of constant self righteous nonsense is merely the imitation of sincerity, even if you truly do believe your own lies – it’s rhetorically similar to that of Katie Hopkins more than anything

      sharing the video explicitly partakes in the exploitation of the individual in distress because the video should never ever have been public – it was indefensible that it was made public and the editorial decision taken merely perpetuates the wrong and harm done to the victim

      shame on you all

  35. GiggidyGoo

    Day in, day out we read of videos posted on Facebook showing people committing murder, violence, rape, etcetra.
    Every day, the people that post these videos are called out (which is appropriate).
    What is not being called out if the existence of a facility such as Facebook, whatsapp, and the others, which facilitate it.
    For instance, if I were to establish a massive video screen in the middle of a town, and make it open to anyone to upload a video of any nature to it for all of the townsfolks to see what other townsfolks were up to (say some were posting things like Daras video), do you think that I would be sued for providing the facility? Would I have some type,of Facebook get-out? You bet your bottom Eurodollar my screen would be decommissioned post haste.
    So why is Facebook / what’sapp getting away with this type of thing? They’re facilitating it.
    Do we need them that badly?

    1. Spaghetti Hoop

      Although I think this is the maybe the wrong post to bring up this question – it’s a huge one. The abandonment that people display in sharing personal photos and vids is alarming. In my town the local pub was the hive of gossip about its residents; who’s doing what, who is doing well, who married who. I asked some of my friends would they post up pictures of their holidays, kids, days out and dreams on the pub noticeboard (outside the loos incidentally)? And they all said no way. Yet they’re happy to do so on Facebook.

      I’m sure there is many a PhD student already eloquently deliberating on this, but this desire to share content is either for a sense of well-being or a downright showing-off and click-baiting exercise. In this case, it was the latter with insensitive guffaws from the guard who posted it. And I hope he doesn’t work again. But in this reporting of the young woman, Dara, and her tragic mistreatment and ultimate death, I don’t think it was wrong for Broadsheet to link to the video. I believe it was reporting. When I worked in media I was forced to pull explicit scenes from the Boston bombing – which I regretted. Some things need to be shown visually to highlight (and prove) awful acts. Despite all of the publicly-funded campaigns about mental health, this woman was mistreated. I still think about the poor nurse who killed herself after the prank call to her workplace over the royal duchess – all of the western media shared it for hilarity. Seeing this particular video, the manhandling, the story, the sad aftermath leaves one without a doubt that the Guards were acting irresponsibly and the woman was not offered what she was entitled to in terms of dignity, respect and aftercare. Shows up our authorities as lacking dignity, not that dear woman. Just my view.

      1. know man is an island

        Beautifully expressed Spaghetti Hoop
        If only I had 1/10 of your wit and erudition

      2. Frilly Keane

        that must be the longest post you’ve ever had here

        Anyway as you say

        and nobody should get to pick and choose what the public should see

        1. Spaghetti Hoop

          No, I’m not into censoring news at all Frilly – I’m of the Fisk school there; I think people should be less soft about what they view and if it’s text, audio, video, it’s all information.
          If you recall the 1980s famine videos from Ethiopia and the damning dreary videos of the 1980s on what to do during nuclear-fallout, you’re already exposed to shocking content. Would you prefer that you didn’t see it? I think of it as an education.

  36. Chris

    Has any other news source posted her identity like this? This whole post feels off.

  37. spudnick

    “Here’s a video of Kate Fitzgerald swinging from the rafters, as we’d like to raise awareness of mental health issues and bullying. Please like and share!”

  38. Liz Butler

    Some creep videoed and uploaded her in her distress, but innocent until proven guilty regarding the one the finger is pointing at now.

  39. Hieronymus Tosh

    No journalistic outlet worth its salt would provide a link to that video, not even some morally bankrupt gutter rag. That it was a contributor seems a betrayal of the highest order, no matter how well intended in highlighting the rotten treatment the poor lass received. This whole pooshow of a post should be replaced with an editorial explaining Broadsheets decision to link to the video. You can forget about pontificating to anybody about anything now, your moral high ground has jogged on and you can properly expect a swift exodus of contributors

      1. Frilly Keane

        maybe they’re all one and the same noman

        sur they only make trouble on themselves having to come up with new names

      1. Hieronymus Tosh

        Contributors of articles, not commentators. I can’t see the likes of Dan Boyle etc seeking to to associated with a platform that just undertook that level of editorial misjudgement, no matter how well intended. It does seem like the rubicon of good taste has been crossed

        1. The Lady Vanishes

          Tosh indeed!

          Good taste has been used as an excuse for keeping so many things quiet in Ireland.

          It’s clear from Sibling’s comment above that Broadsheet acted sincerely and with good intent.

          If any contributor were to wish to dissociate themselves from the site as a result of this post, I’d reckon the site would be better off without them.

          Same goes for commenters. Really the commenting relationship with this site is utterly bizarre even by internet standards. It’s like a romance novel in which the heroine/hero puts the other party through the hoops to test them before awarding them their love.

          Detach people. Seriously. The link is down. Broadsheet engaged with a commentariat too stupid to realise that it had done the right thing in the beginning. Not what I’d have recommended, but I suppose there’s something to be said for a media outlet that actually listens to its readers….

          1. Hieronymus Tosh

            Good intentions, no doubt, but completely devoid of journalistic ethics. Broadsheet can’t criticise all the institutions of society from some morally superior position while simultaneously including content that the daily sport would find beyond the pale, especially when it concerns one of their colleagues.

            If you find people to be “stupid” if they disagree with the distribution of a video of a naked woman in an obvious state of deep psychosis, then I’d suggest you take a good look at your own moral compass

          2. The Lady Vanishes


            I think what you’re missing is that Broadsheet can do exactly what they like.

            The fact that out of a belief in the democratic nature of the news source/reader relationship they’ve taken down the link at their commenters’ request doesn’t mean that they were in any way obliged to do so.

            This is not a site where readers pay for their pleasure. And I’d suspect that the only clicks that the obsessive commentariat engage in are on the refresh button.

            And the right to criticise moral arbiters of society isn’t dependent on satisfying some kind of moral means test oneself.

            And you are in fact quite stupid if you can’t understand from my comment above that the rights and wrongs of linking to a video of a naked person in distress depend not just on the content of the video but on the motivation behind the link.

            You objected to the post. The post is now down. Get off your high horse and stop point scoring unless you want to underline my increasing suspicion that you belong to one of the media outlets you refer to Broadsheet as having criticised.

        2. Frilly Keane


          well asaic
          he’d be doing the gaff a favour

          but that’s just me

          The Sindo will be delighted to have him all themselves

      2. sǝɯǝɯʇɐpɐq

        Broadsheet… Once you enter you cannot leave.

        I got upset once meself. I even went as far as deleting the link to Booadsheet from my bookmarks.
        Now I have to use the link in my ‘Most Visited Sites’ to get here.

  40. Jackdaw

    This is dreadful, inexcusable but Bodgers objectivity in relation to Garda matters has disappeared long ago. It’s just blind crusading at this stage.

    1. The Lady Vanishes

      Don’t leave us in suspense. Please share with us examples of other posts claimed by to display lack of objectivity. Alternatively give us your Garda ID number.

  41. Kieran Nice Young Chap

    “Naked video of dead woman compounds family’s distress”


    “Her family has said their distress has been compounded by the publication of her name on several websites on Wednesday and have appealed for privacy to allow them grieve for a daughter and sister.
    The posting of the video online was egregious and deeply hurtful to Dara’s family, they said.

    “That this would be the last image of a wonderful but vulnerable daughter is deeply distressing for us, her family and her many friends,” they said in a statement to The Irish Times.”

    1. The Lady Vanishes

      You may want to look into the situation vis a vis Dara and her family further before continuing with this line of reproach.

    2. sǝɯǝɯʇɐpɐq

      How did you miss this bit?

      On Wednesday, Dara Quigley’s name was disclosed on several websites and a link to the video footage was also posted by broadsheet.ie, which removed it after receiving complaints.

      1. The Lady Vanishes

        If I was to adopt the *must be conniving motive* approach of the commentariat above, I’d say he left it out deliberately because the bit about Broadsheet having removed the link wasn’t favourable to the point he was trying to make…

        Fortunately I’m more sunny and optimistic about human nature so I reckon he was probably typing on the phone and excluded it by accident.

        1. The Lady Vanishes

          Yes, you said that above, Jeremy.

          For the record, I disagree (as said above). Link should still be up. We’re giving that Garda a free pass by removing it. Push everything under the carpet.

          This will be the last we hear of this.

          The idea that Broadsheet would be disimproved by the exodus of the majority of the current commentariat is hilarious. If anything they’re putting off new interesting blood from entering the comments section. They’ve been here too long and it could do with shaking up a little.

          1. jeremy kyle

            It wasn’t removed for the benefit of the Guards, it was removed because of the potential distress it could cause family, friends of course, but especially out of respect to the woman herself, for whom this videos distribution could very well been a reason that she took her own life.

            And I it’s think it’s a stretch to say that having the video here would have any meaningful impact on whether or not the people in question are held accountable.

          2. The Lady Vanishes

            You are missing my point. The issue is not whether or not the link was removed in order to benefit the perpetrators, the issue is whether or not its removal will benefit them.

            I’d be pretty sure that the less people who see that video, the better the Gardai will like it. Makes it much easier to close this off quietly.

            The best respect that can be shown to Dara is for the circumstances leading up to her death to be fully highlighted and investigated. You and I both know that in Ireland the second isn’t going to follow without the first.

          3. sǝɯǝɯʇɐpɐq

            @ Jer.K.
            And I it’s think it’s a stretch to say
            this videos distribution could very well been a reason that she took her own life.

            Your words, not mine.

          4. jeremy kyle

            I hear you, I honestly get what you’re saying, I’m just not sure that decision is BS’s or ours to make.

          5. sǝɯǝɯʇɐpɐq

            @ Jer.K

            Sorry… my comment got in there while it was resting in the Moderation Room. I know you weren’t talking to me.
            Also, sorry for abbreviating you name like that. I should’ve called you Jer.Ky.

          6. The Lady Vanishes

            I would argue it’s not as simple as ‘choosing to make’ a decision.

            For a news source, if the video is in the public domain, some decision one way or the other has to be made, either to post a link to it or not post a link to it.

            The question is not whether or not to make a decision but rather which is the better decision.

            The easy solution would of course be to say – let the family decide. That’s what is often done. But we must remember that an individual is a separate entity from their family, a human person and citizen in their own right and not merely as part of a family structure – a policy of automatically delegating to the family the decision as to how improper conduct preceding a human being’s death should be highlighted doesn’t seem right either.

            So it would seem to me that Broadsheet didn’t ‘choose’ but were rather landed with having to make a decision one way or the other.

            An unenviable choice, given that failure to publish could end up assisting the inevitable push to sweep the garda behaviour under the carpet, and publishing would necessarily cause distress to Dara’s family. But in my view the most important consideration was: what was owed to Dara. I think they made the right choice and it saddens me that the response was such that they removed the link.

      2. Kieran Nice Young Chap

        Vanishes, I wanted to let the family’s distress at the link being posted online speak for itself.

        And anyway, Broadsheet doesn’t get any credit for grudgingly removing something that should never have been posted in the first place. The distress was already caused.

        1. The Lady Vanishes

          Unfortunately where someone has been treated badly coverage of this necessarily causes distress for family and friends. This doesn’t necessarily mean that the coverage is wrong. Take the Hawe case where Alan Hawe’s appalling actions were soft pedalled out of respect for the family of the deceased to the extent that he was buried in the same grave as his victims. Yet today there was an article about one side of the family and their efforts to undo this. It can be difficult for families, in the wake of a tragic death, to understand that the deceased is a person independent from them and as a citizen deserves to have any mistreatment of them in the period leading up to their death fully and publicly disclosed. But such is the case. I admire Broadsheet for seeking to achieve this in Dara’s case, a thankless task if ever one was taken on. Publication of a link to the video is in my view an essential part of ensuring that this Garda’s behaviour will not be pushed under the carpet. Sadly it appears that most of the commenters on this site are too unsophisticated to understand this.

          1. Frilly Keane

            Note it lads
            Sophisticated – me
            Unsophisticated – I don’t have enough fingers to point ye all out

  42. Martin

    The poor lady is dead.
    Following a shameful act by a member of our civic police force, who rather than doing his job was videoing and uploading her arrest for public entertainment.
    Full disclosure of this shameful act is owed to her as a citizen.
    Let the public see what our Gardai are like.
    Let them not just hear it, but see it, as published by these Gardai themselves.
    Because hearing something second hand isn’t the same as seeing it first hand.
    It’s easier to explain away.
    And to think, maybe the lady deserved to be laughed at
    Maybe there was something she was doing we’re not being told about
    Maybe the guard had an excuse
    But when you see the video, you can see
    That she did nothing wrong
    And there is no room when you see it for the guard to wriggle out
    Or the Gardai to wriggle out
    No excuse for them
    Of misunderstanding
    In the way that there might be if you only heard of it second hand
    And despite the intentions of the little guard shit trying to make a naked woman walking along Stephen’s Green a big deal rather than doing his job
    And despite the implied views of the little shitty lads above who think that a woman’s parts are a big fupping deal and should be covered up
    There is nothing for Dara’s friends or family to feel bad for on her behalf in people seeing this
    Nothing at all
    And the idea that just like she needs to be covered up this behaviour needs to be covered up
    Talked about rather than viewed
    is as pathetic as the fellows who put it up in the first place
    and like the video
    the comments section above shows more about those commentin
    Than the action they’re criticising

    1. rotide

      Composing a post in haiku doesn’t change the fact that no one has a problem with the nudity aspect of this whole thing.

    1. Spaghetti Hoop

      Peace my arse Johnny – she was manhandled and bundled into a Garda car. Was she charged? Was she provided with clothing on arrest? Was she provided with a Psychiatrist under custody ? Was she admitted to hospital?

      1. Cian

        She broke the law.
        The Gardai approached her and talked to her.
        They tried to guide her into their car.
        She resisted
        She was then ‘manhandled and bundled’ into the car.

  43. The Lady Vanishes

    Perhaps Johnny has reached some kind of deal with the guards as part of not proceeding against him for smoking a joint off camera on the last Broadsheet on the Telly series, and encouraging us to think of peace is part of this?

  44. Johnny Keenan

    Go on out of that lads. It’s been a long day for everyone.
    I always say peace.

    My mantra at present is
    Information Is Knowledge!
    Knowledge is Power!
    Power To The Peaceful!
    Because Peaceful People Are Reasonable People!

    Don’t be making any conclusions on me. I’m not a keyboard warrior.

  45. Sarah Jane Brennan

    I strongly believe in pushing the boundaries of public interest journalism across multiple platforms. But many would brand the execution of this article car crash citizen journalism. That being said, people make mistakes and the situation can be diffused.

    It would show integrity if Broadsheet.ie published a follow-up piece highlighting, in detail, the full spectrum of maltreatment Dara bore. A separate editorial addressing readers’ concerns with respect to the video link would also be welcomed.

    Offering readers editorial justifications in the comments section of a controversial article is strategically bankrupt and counter-productive to the wider public interest.

    Broadsheet.ie’s handling of this sensitive story has been highly problematic, in my view. But if the site flounders in the face of complaints and fails to follow up on the story in a responsible manner, the only victors are the perpetrators of the injustice Dara suffered.

    1. The Lady Vanishes

      The choice of where in a publication to provide an editorial justification would surely have to be a matter of personal preference for the editor, no? Surely they must be allowed some discretion.

      The responses to this post certainly highlight some interesting issues about online journalism.

      Unfortunately what appears to have been largely ignored in the comments section above are the wider issues relevant to the treatment of Dara prior to her death. I would have thought that for persons feeling as strongly on her behalf as professed above above these would be also of priority and could have been discussed.

      Obviously not. A shame.

  46. EightersGonnaEight

    Some nuance is always required. And thankfully Harry Browne has provided it in the Sunday Times:


    “Quigley, who had work published online by Broadsheet.ie and the Dublin Inquirer, wrote openly about her problems with heroin addiction and being an in-patient in a psychiatric unit.

    Harry Browne, a media lecturer at Dublin Institute of Technology, was a friend of Quigley’s. He said that it was “too simplistic” to blame the leak for Quigley’s suicide.

    Browne said Quigley had made oblique comments on social media about the video when she said she had not looked her best.

    “I don’t want to diminish the awfulness of the leaking of the video as it was a terrible thing to do,” said Browne. “[But] the reasons that people take their lives are complex and Dara was so complex.””

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