A Limerick A Day


When Noonan fell there wasn’t many
Thought FG had future but when he
Stepped up the plate
We all shared his fate
So let’s toast or curse Enda Kenny

John Moynes


Unless YOU can do better?

Leave your ‘Farewell Enda’ ‘ricks below.

15 thoughts on “A Limerick A Day

  1. AssPants

    the “tributes” are sickening. Bunch of two faced pillaging archaic neanderthals.

    1. Increasing Displacement

      I know a guy who was basically saying Enda saved us from 20 years of recession
      He’s a Fine Gael something or other…hack?

      Sickening tributes

  2. Murtles

    So Enda is gone, not forgot
    Broke one then two promises then the lot
    In the medias glare
    He sheds a crocodiles tear
    But is loving his three pension pot

  3. martco

    so HE made his long sad exit,
    to dodge the Titanic called Brexit,
    for him ’tis fine and dandy,
    a lazy bored press laud him like Ghandi,
    when the truth is he’s left a gold plated mess

  4. dav

    best comment from yesterday was ” a mayo village got it’s idiot back” –

    all credit to whomever wrote that.

    1. Zena

      + 1 Dav. The tv clips of him last night were a living dread, I’d mistakenly thought he couldn’t possibly have ever looked more gormless than he does presently – how wrong I was – the absolute hack of him in his young days. It’s a wonder he was allowed leave the village in the first place.

  5. Gorev Mahagut

    So. Farewell then, Enda Kenny
    At the age of 66,
    deciding that there isn’t any
    reason not to up his sticks

    he has retired.
    Which is to say
    he is not dead,
    just gone away

    for now, but soon, no doubt
    some tv or radio
    producer will drag him out
    for a current affairs panel – discussion show

    So weep not, nor eulogise
    Enda Kenny, age 66,
    or Bertie Ahern, age 65.
    They’re still alive. The awful pr***s.

  6. bisted

    …Enda, now you’ve hung up your hat
    maybe you’ll come on BSTV for a chat
    because before you go
    we’d all like to know
    what the f^*k you’ve been pointing at

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